Tips to score Band 8 In IELTS Listening

Tips to Score Band 8 in IELTS Listening
Tips to Score Band 8 in IELTS Listening

Tips to Score Band 8 in IELTS Listening


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Getting the coveted band score of 8 on the IELTS listening test may seem like a challenging endeavour, but with our advice, you’ll soon be well on your way to success!

Tasks for listening

You will be required to listen to a recorded informational passage for each assignment. You will be given a number of questions to respond to and tasks to complete in response to the reading. These tasks will total four.

There are several question/task formats, such as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and informational charts (such as timetables).

Each of these exercises is intended to test your ability to understand information spoken in English and draw connections between ideas to respond to questions.

How to Get an 8?

Increase vocabulary

Knowing a wide variety of words and, more crucially, understanding what they mean are all part of vocabulary skills. These abilities also include knowing how to spell words correctly and when to employ them in sentences. You will need a solid vocabulary for the aforementioned tasks in order to complete them successfully. First, you must correctly understand the recorded paragraph.

You can increase your vocabulary in a few different methods, like:

Read widely and as much as possible, paying special attention to high-quality reading material on subjects like the environment, entertainment, education, and other subjects frequently appearing in IELTS tasks.

Watch or listen to good movies, news channels, and other educational programming in particular. This is crucial for the listening test since you need to be able to understand English spoken by a native speaker, which is typically a British accent.

Write down any new terms you learn that have an instant connection to the issues described above on a notepad or journal.


The most important action is to practise. Try as many practise IELTS exams as you can; ideally, at least 6-7. Keep the following in mind as you practise:

  • Look over the questions briefly before you start; it will give you an idea of the type of information you will hear. Additionally, it will help you keep the questions organised in your mind as you listen to the material.
  • Next, closely listen to the paragraph. Focus on what is being said and make a note of any details as soon as you hear them. Answers should be noted with a pencil. Later, when you have more time, you can transfer the complete responses to the answer sheet.
  • Learn the question patterns so that you can locate the answers quickly and effectively. The more tests you practise with, the more familiar you will be with the types of questions presented.

With the help of these suggestions, you’ll be well-prepared and capable of acing the IELTS exam when it comes around.

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