How familiar are you with using the past perfect tense in OET letter ? 

Past perfect tense in OET Letter:  The past perfect tense is an important tool in English for expressing an action that happened before another past event. It is commonly used in OET letters, as it allows for a more precise description of a patient’s medical history. In OET letters, the past perfect tense is used […]

6 Applications of WOULD

REPORTED SPEECH – Example Sentences He said,”I will help you.” He said that he would help me. They said,”we would play cricket.” They said that they would play cricket. She said,” I will come tomorrow.” She said that she would come the next day. He said,” I will teach her.” He said that he would […]

Present Perfect-Active and Passive Voice- Grammar Part-1

Present Perfect tense Examples Active Voice 1. She has finished her book. 2. They have created a masterpiece. 3. We have solved the puzzle. 4. I have bought a new car. 5. He has cooked an amazing dinner. 6. She has painted a beautiful picture. 7. They have written a new song. 8. We have […]

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