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A guide through the testimonial of Ms Naina Mariam, OET winner from Tiju’s Academy, on her achievement of 500/500 for the OET listening subset.

“… when I scored 500/500 for the listening subset of OET, many of my friends and relatives who were preparing for OET enquired a lot about the study resources and guidance. My answer was only Tiju’s academy. They guided me through every step, and I affirm that I have not even referred to a single YouTube channel or blog for tips other than that of Tiju’s academy. With every material and another resource they provide, I was always satisfied ….

These are the words of the recent OET winner, Naina Mariam, from Tiju’s Academy. Her scores are 500 for listening, 430 for Reading, 380 for speaking and 350 for writing.

Listening in OET aims to assess the range of listening skills of the test taker. This includes identifying a piece of specific information, opinion, details or even the speaker’s purpose. For a non-native speaker of English, the listening subset could be tricky because of the phonetic and vocabulary features of the language.

Every qualifying tests like IELTS and OET require certain tricks and tactics and proper practice to ace the exam. It is evident that no matter how much language skill we possess, only the appropriate guidance and training make the scores. We at Tiju’s academy offers the best and proper guidance in Kerala for OET and IELTS. With both online and offline classes, our unbound support in Tiju’s academy facilitates our students to pass the exams with flying colours.

Why Tiju’s academy?

With a wide range of expert and experienced tutors, Tiju’s Academy offers you proper guidance with the best resources. Unlike other institutions, we at Tiju’s focus on strengthening your ability and skill in communication and the English language from the primary level.

Regarding OET, the aspirants, who are health professionals, can either be recent past or people with a decade of experience. Both sets can have little skill in communication in the English language. Those working for years within their home town can find it hard to communicate in a foreign language. So it is essential to make them understand from the basics, and that’s why the winner says,

“… I have tried the trial classes of several other coaching institutions, but what drew my attention to Tiju’s is how the tutors start with basics. No matter how much we already know, starting from the base, a proper foundation would strengthen the growth….”

She adds that the unlimited study material provided by the mentors was an absolute source of practice that made her test perfect, along with the endless time that Tiju’s offers to complete the course. This further helps our students keep their phase in their studies without any unnecessary hastening, yet keeping them on track with the proper record of their improvements.

Is Grammar essential for OET listening?

Grammar is a critical aspect in determining a candidate’s OET score. Therefore a clear understanding of Grammar is essential to winning OET.OET listening subset is not only about writing down what we listen and understand but also anticipating the possible answers. A scholarly guess also plays a significant role in the OET for getting good marks. To expect a thorough understanding of Grammar is vital. Knowledge of Grammar would aid you through the OET listening, especially Part A.

For example, in the sentence

‘ the pain in …..’,

you could anticipate that the answer could be a noun, because ‘in’ is a proposition used before nouns. While Parts B and C of OET include multiple choice and do not require any understanding of Grammar. In the words of Naina,

“…I have never felt the need to learn Grammar, as I always thought I had enough of it for the OET examination. After completing 30 hours of the class provided by Tiju’s academy exclusively for Grammar, I realised my mistake….”

How do Podcasts and Series help in OET listening?

Whenever we come across OET listening tips, many have suggested listening to podcasts and OTT series. When we listen to a podcast or an episode, we can keep the following points in mind,

  1. Choose Podcasts and series that deal with the subject of your domain. Some suggestions include Casualty, The Good Doctor and Holby Cities.
  2. Every time you listen, ensure that you are not distracted by the storyline. Understand the purpose. Make notes on expressions which would help you in the OET.
  3. When you listen to an episode of the series, keep a pen and paper, and try to write the subtitle of the episode on your own.
    For that, be honest with yourself and turn the subtitle off. Once you complete the writing, you can cross-check the subtitle with what they have provided to what you have written. This would benefit your understanding of your level of listening skills and provide you with extensive practice sessions.

Keeping track… of Tiju’s academy.

One of the most thoughtful strategies employed by Naina was that, throughout the online OET course at Tiju’s academy, she kept a proper track record of her improvement. She was very punctual about tracking her progress and recognising her gain.

We at Tiju’s academy keep a proper record of the progress of our students despite their mode of conduct. The students are regularly monitored and assessed, whether online or offline. A proper check on her progress has played a dynamic role in understanding her improvement. She took the intense practice from our beginning set of series to higher series where the tasks get tougher. She adds that she would reattempt the sequence in which she scored low after an interval. It was the repeated exercise that helped her to ace the exams.

Practice!! Practice!! Practice!!

This is the mantra that aids her with her meritorious achievement. Practice and perseverance are always the keys to success. With our team of expert tutors at Tiju’s academy, every OET aspirant can achieve their dream.


Testimonial of Ms Naina Mariam

Tijus Academy the Best OET Listening Assessment Criteria and Tips

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