Types of OET Listening Questions

The OET Listening test consists of three parts, each with a different question type.

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Part 1: Multiple choice

In Part 1, you’ll listen to a dialogue and answer multiple-choice questions about specific details mentioned.

Part 2: Note completion

In Part 2, you will hear a short lecture or presentation. Listen carefully to the lecture or presentation and fill in missing information, such as names, dates, times, or medical terminology.

Part 3: Multiple choice and gap fill

In Part 3, you will hear a more extended conversation between two people. After our talk, you’ll answer multiple-choice and gap-fill questions about the details we discussed, such as names, dates, times, and medical terminology. The gap-fill questions will ask you to fill in gaps in a sentence with the correct information. The information required to complete the missing details will consist of facts, including names, dates, times, and medical terms.

The OET Listening test is challenging, but it is possible to succeed with careful preparation. By practising with sample listening tests and getting feedback on your performance, you can improve your chances of success on the OET Listening test.

Here are some tips for preparing for the OET Listening Test

Practice with sample listening tests. There are many practice tests available online and in books. Taking practice tests will help you get familiar with the format of the OET Listening test and improve your listening skills.

Get feedback on your performance. Practice listening with someone you trust and ask for feedback.

Pay attention to the different question types. The OET Listening test has three questions: multiple choice, note completion, and multiple choice and gap fill. Make sure you understand how to answer each type of question.

Develop a listening strategy. Come up with a plan for listening to the OET Listening test. This might include taking notes, highlighting keywords, or visualizing the information you are hearing.

Stay focused during the OET Listening test. 

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