Home GRAMMAR How familiar are you with using the past perfect tense in OET letter ? 

How familiar are you with using the past perfect tense in OET letter ? 

How familiar are you with using the past perfect tense in OET letter ?
How familiar are you with using the past perfect tense in OET letter ?

Past perfect tense in OET Letter: The past perfect tense is an important tool in English for expressing an action that happened before another past event. It is commonly used in OET letters, as it allows for a more precise description of a patient’s medical history. In OET letters, the past perfect tense is used to express actions that happened prior to the time of writing, typically referring to a patient’s medical history. This is often done to give a clearer picture of the patient’s condition before they began treatment.

The past perfect is formed using the auxiliary verb “had” followed by the past participle of a verb. For example, “he had complained of chest pain”. Here, the verb “complain” is in its past participle form, with “had” denoting an action that happened before the present. 

In OET letters, this is frequently used to describe a patient’s medical history, such as any symptoms or conditions they may have had before starting treatment. In addition, the past perfect tense is also used to refer to events that happened before the patient’s treatment began.

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Past Perfect Tense in OET Letter – OET Sample Writing

For example, a doctor may write “The patient had been taking medication for hypertension before

1.The patient had already received a tetanus shotI)she had taken her medications
2.The patient had already undergone a number of testsII)before she vomited
3.The doctor had prescribed the patient a course of antibioticsIII)before they came to hospital
4.The patient had already undergone a series of scansIV)before they prescribed medication
5.Before Ms Maria visited the clinic this morning, V)before their consultation.
6.Mr Kiran had undergone surgery twice before VI)before the physician examined him
7.The doctor had already ordered additional testsVII)before making a diagnosis
8.Mr Manuel sustained a whiplash injury after VIII)before coming to the doctor’s office
9.She had taken the medication 2 hours IX)before they arrived at the doctor’s office.
10.The patient had already received treatment for their infectionX)before the nurse arrived
11.The doctor had diagnosed the patient with an allergyXI)before seeing the doctor
12.The nurse had taken the patient’s vital signsXII)before their appointment
13. The doctor had discussed the risks of the procedure with the patientXIII)before the doctor arrived
14.The patient had completed their physical therapy exercisesXIV)before the doctor examined them
15.The patient had already been prescribed antibioticsXV)before they agreed to it
16.The nurse had administered a tetanus shot to the patientXVI)before the doctor prescribed medication.
17.The lab results had been received and reviewedXVII)before the doctor prescribed physical therapy
18.The patient had already undergone a physical examXVIII)before the visit
19.The doctor had already reviewed the patient’s medical historyXIX)prior to the appointment
20.The doctor had already reviewed the patient’s medical historyXX)before the doctor prescribed them
21.The patient had already taken his antibioticsXXI)prior to the consultation
22.The patient had already recovered from the fluXXII)before the patient woke up
23.The patient had already undergone surgeryXXIII)he was discharged from hospital
24.The patient had already taken their medicationXXIV)before their appointment
25.The doctor had completed the surgeryXXV)before he was prescribed medication.
26.The nurse had checked the patient’s vital signsXXVI)he had crashed his car two days earlier
27. The patient had received their test resultsXXVII)before the appointment
28.The doctor had discussed the patient’s medical history with themXXVIII)before they were discharged
29.The patient had gone through some testsXXIX)before they were admitted
30.The patient had already been diagnosed with a chronic illnessXXX)before their visit

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