Tiju’s academy is one of the best OET coaching institutions in Kerala, India. This academy was established on January 8, 2021, with its root in Mavelikara and was further expanded to Thiruvalla in the next year, 2022. Tiju’s academy’s primary objective is to provide the most updated and high-quality language skills to healthcare professionals who hope to pursue their dreams abroad.

The academy has quickly established itself as a market leader in OET coaching from its very initial period of the journey. Through sheer perseverance and quality knowledge imparted by Tiju’s academy, the academy is ascending the ladder with the support and belief of thousands. Because of our high standards and upkeep, students from across the world come to us with the right motivation.

The tutors at our academy possess accreditation from the British Council, IDP, and Cambridge Assessment. Our teachers undergo screening processes before we get them to our students as their guides to validate their capabilities further. This validation of our professionalism confirms the faith thousands of learners have invested in us right from the beginning of our journey.

At Tiju’s academy, offline and online OET Coaching sessions are organized following the flexibility of our students for convenience during their working hours. Online students can select the slots that work best for them, while other times offer private and group support. Our mentor and director, Tiju sir, handles the fundamental grammar for our online and offline students. With around a decade’s experience, sir guides our students along the best path possible.

The innovative approach towards basic grammar by Tiju sir facilitates the students to have an easy and in-depth understanding of the subject domain. Deepthy madam, the very soul and vitality of the entire running of our institution, teaches the OET-specific grammar sessions on her own for our students. She is a certified TESOL trainer and comes from the healthcare field, further elevating the quality of the curriculum we impart.

In Tiju’s academy, we provide the most cutting-edge and high-quality technologies for our curriculum’s quick and effective delivery. The building infrastructure ensures that our students will have a very spacious and clutter-free academic environment to indulge in. For the language lab of our academy, we utilize the leading hardware and top-rated software for listening and reading modules. 

Our academy serves students from all the states around the country, and our online platform has students from all across the world. We provide eighteen facilities for the students’ accommodations to cater to the diverse student culture from around the nation. We ensure that the food and amenities served at each institution are of the best quality by conducting regular quality and hygiene inspections. Any concerns regarding the food or facilities offered are promptly addressed.


Tiju’s academy provides individual attention to its students through both online and traditional classroom settings. This enables the separate tutors to develop their curriculum per the student’s unique strengths and shortcomings. So, depending on the student’s needs, we provide much more individualized instruction in both our online and offline batches. 

At Tiju’s, expert educators lead the lessons using the most recent intelligent technologies. As a result, our pupils are better and more intelligently able to comprehend the concepts we aim to teach. 

Tiju’s academy offers one-on-one speaking sessions and written corrections, which is unique among OET teaching facilities. Our students show substantial improvement within the first few weeks of taking our course because of the comprehensive explanations for the reading and listening modules. Our students learn how to find the answers more efficiently by using the strategies of in-depth analysis of the entire material.


OET is one of the globally recognized language exams used to evaluate the English language skills of aspirants from healthcare professions who aspire to work overseas. These exams will determine your ability to go to your desired nation. Your communication skills are assessed since they are necessary for survival.

The Tiju’s Academy adheres to the principle of beginning with the basics. We start from the fundamentals of the language and the abilities you need to outperform any language assessment, just as a strong foundation alone may permit the best growth. At Tiju’s, we bring the most innovative method of English grammar. The best grammar-teaching approach, which was previously disregarded in OET instruction until we presented it, is provided by Tiju’s academy.

You need more than just a basic understanding of sentence structure and tenses to perform well on these assessments. There is much more to it than just the verb tenses, article use, and multiple nouns. Even little grammatical variations can significantly alter the meaning of a statement. Using proper English grammar will improve your OET and IELTS grades.

Our Highlights

•           proper learning and evaluation of each of the four components

•           regular practice sessions, individual help, and in-depth explanations

•           frequent practice exams, including systematic time management

•           24X7 access to a portal for ongoing practice sessions with individual course advisors.

•           OET 2. O STUDY MATERIALS and current recordings of sessions

•           Within the site, live support.

•           mock exam every ten hours

•           assistance with scheduling an exam

•           A Grammar Challenge

•           Regular sessions for feedback

•           Individual trainers, one to one, to understand and develop personalized study plans and pedagogy

•           Practical and flexible timing.

•           Unlimited speaking and writing correction


Tiju’s academy offers three distinct course packages, each with differing time and assistance availability. Our packages are economical and efficient, and the courses provide our students with the most significant benefit possible. OET premium plan is a popular option that offers limitless assistance and maximum time. With this bundle, you may get the most effective plan with the most available hours.


Students will be given enough time to complete their work, and mentors will extend a helpful hand by encouraging and effectively guiding them by assessing their potential. Once they have access to this online course, students will also get unlimited sessions of every module.

Curriculum Highlights

• A 60-hour personal training

• Individualized instruction from professionals

• The rules of grammar and syntax in the most simplified manner with direct tutoring from Tiju sir

• Countless opportunities for reading and listening comprehension

• Unlimited speaking and letter-correction sessions.

• Mock exams every ten hours


Everyone gets enough time to attain a B in all modules. Providing each module with the same weight accords you with specific attention while enhancing your talents.

Curriculum Highlights

• 40 hours of one-on-one training

• Individualized instruction from professionals

• Countless opportunities for reading and listening comprehension

• Unlimited speaking and letter-correction sessions.

• Mock examinations every ten hours

• OET grammar and fundamental grammar in the most simplified version.



Those who are proficient in English should take this course. There are accessible private reading and listening lessons and limitless writing and speaking corrections, and the students can choose the most convenient session.

Curriculum Highlights

• 30-hour individual training

• Individualized instruction from professionals

• Countless opportunities for reading and listening comprehension

• The rules of grammar and syntax in the most simplified manner with direct tutoring from Tiju sir

• Unlimited speaking and letter-correction sessions.

• Mock exams every ten hours

To improve your knowledge level and the chance of succeeding in OET would be significantly high if you go along with the daily grammar challenge of Tiju’s Academy. If you want to participate in that, please go to the,

Facebook page: Tijusacademy.

Tiju’s Academy: The Best OET Online And Offline Training Institute In Kerala, India. For more details, Click Here: https://tijusacademy.com/contact/

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