Teachers' Day

Teachers’ Day

In honour of Teachers’ Day, the entire management of Tiju’s Academy would like to take this unique chance to appreciate all the teachers for all the effort and time that you have put into Tiju’s Academys rapid growth. It is because of your presence and contribution that our institution had thrived as much as it has. On account of the positive feedback from students, we feel we must highlight how much you’ve given to the Academy and its students.

Thank you so much for considering the Academy as your own, as you tirelessly work for its betterment. We truly appreciate your presence and exceptional work. Our teachers only assured the students that Tiju’s Academy is a haven for them. So we value you and sincerely appreciate your commitment to teaching and the children of our institution.

Thank you for your countless efforts and incredible creativity in pushing ahead to train students of Tiju’s Academy. Keep up the great work!

Today we are witnessing an immense change in education, and the pandemic has created a sudden shift away from our traditional classroom. The present teaching scenario was entirely unexpected and has brought out the best in all of you; the work you are doing matters a lot and will be remembered. Your efforts have not gone unrecognized, and this would be so much harder on students without your intense concentration and responsibility to make distance learning work. We’re observing so many teachers going above and beyond for Academy’s expectations in this challenging time. Right now, your job is inspiring and novel, and we are so grateful for your effort.

Teaching is one of the unbeatably noblest professions in the world. The central role of teachers is to help students learn by imparting knowledge to them and create a situation in which students can and will learn effectively. There is no substitute for quality education because it helps in changing the lives of thousands of individuals. It became harder than ever and in challenging ways, and sometimes the conditions are uncomfortable. You are now engaging in innovative ways to support learning by embracing technology. You must know that your work is recognized and appreciated. We appreciate you, teachers because you are going above and beyond proficiency level during this time of virtual learning.

We are always grateful for your work, but we are even more appreciative of your work and you are caring for students at this particular moment in time. You are always moving forward, being inventive, and committed. You make us know that all of our work at the Academy is ultimately about what is best for students. You hold the light to guide the students. Stay strong, be safe, and know we appreciate all your dedicated work. It will be pleasing to know if there is any suggestion to make additional ways to support your position.

We want to enjoy and acknowledge this challenging work, particularly as we navigate this uncertainty together. Teaching and learning may look different right now, but the commitment and care you offer students are ever-present in the field of education and teaching. 

The management of Tiju’s Academy is grateful to have such wonderful colleagues in all of you. But you have achieved great goals despite the hardship. You are using existing resources and tools in new ways and developing new systems and practices.

Once again, Tiju’s Academy takes this opportunity to thank you for your invaluable contribution to the institution. Once more, we would like to wish one and all a Happy Teacher’s Day. May God bless you with the strength to achieve more significant personal and professional growth in the years to come.

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