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IELTS Essay Writing – Chapter 3

What factors are contributing to the increased consumption of sugar-based drinks? What strategies can be implemented to reduce the amount of sugar-based drinks consumed? IELTS Essay Writing : Model-1 The consumption of sugar-based drinks has increased significantly over the past decade, due to a variety of factors. For example, the marketing of sugary drinks has […]...

IELTS Essay Writing – Chapter 1

IELTS Essay Writing – Advantages outweigh disadvantages In most countries ,city planners locate offices,schools,homes and shops in certain areas so that they are separated by distance. Do you think the advantages of this practice outweigh the disadvantages? IELTS Essay Writing : Model-1 City planners play an important role in a city’s infrastructure by making important […]...
Best 10 Tips to write IELTS essays

Best 10 Tips to write IELTS essays

10 TIPS FOR WRITING PERFECT IELTS ESSAYS Here are the best 10 tips to write IELTS Essays, IELTS writing could be a tough nut for every student who does IELTS, not only because of the possibility of getting a challenging topic but also because of proper grammatical usage. To ace an examination, specifically competitive or […]...

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