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We are Tiju’s Academy, the best and leading OET coaching centre in Thiruvalla, Kerala providing the best OET training. With expert instructors and a personalised approach, we make sure you pass your OET exams and achieve your career goals.

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In today’s globalized healthcare landscape, having exceptional English communication abilities is imperative for medical professionals aspiring to work internationally. At Tiju’s Academy, we understand the unique challenges healthcare workers face in pursuing global career goals. That’s why we’ve developed a world-class OET (Occupational English Test) training program to help you demonstrate your readiness for the international medical workforce. 

The OET: Your Gateway to Healthcare Opportunities Worldwide

The OET is an internationally recognized English language exam created specifically to assess the communication proficiency of healthcare professionals. By performing well on this high-stakes test, you provide evidence of your ability to deliver safe, effective patient care in an English-speaking environment. The OET opens doors to rewarding medical roles and enhanced career mobility across borders.

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What is OET

OET is an English test tailor-made for individuals working in the medical field. It’s all about checking how good your English is if you’re in healthcare. The idea is to ensure your language skills are up to par for the job. Plus, it’s like a confidence booster for medical pros when talking with patients and colleagues.

Now, our OET course is all set up to get you ready for the exam hassle-free. Picture this: personalized one-on-one sessions with plenty of time to dig into your studies, without breaking the bank on extensions. And guess what? No matter which class you go for, you’re in for unlimited sessions that’ll amp up your confidence for the big day

benefits of oet

Comprehensive Mastery of All Four OET Components

Our coaching provides complete preparation for all four components of the OET: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Using real-world medical case studies and scenarios, we equip you with the practical English skills needed to thrive within healthcare settings internationally.

  • Listening: Enhance comprehension of verbal medical communication in all contexts
  • Reading: Build expertise in interpreting complex medical literature and documentation  
  • Writing: Develop abilities in composing clear, well-structured clinical reports and correspondence
  • Speaking: Gain confidence inpatient consultations, presenting cases, and professional discussions

Flexible Learning Solutions for Busy Medical Professionals  

We know that healthcare workers juggle demanding schedules. That’s why we offer flexible online and on-site coaching options tailored to your availability and learning preferences. Access our highly interactive virtual classroom from anywhere for dynamic live instruction. Or join us in person for immersive, face-to-face training at our advanced coaching centre at Thiruvalla

Continuously Updated on the Latest OET Practices

The OET exam is regularly updated to reflect evolving best practices in medical communication globally. Our team diligently tracks all changes to the OET to ensure our teaching methodology, materials and practice resources always incorporate the latest exam content, formats, tasks and scoring criteria.

OET Exam Structure

    • Focuses on understanding spoken language.
    • Three scenarios: physician-patient consultation, monologue, or dialogue.
    • Listen carefully and answer based on the information provided.
    • Role-playing exercise involving communication with a doctor.
    • Discuss patient symptoms based on the provided card.
    • The interlocutor acts as a patient, caregiver, or another professional.
    • Three minutes to prepare before presenting the card.
    • Five minutes for role-play, following these steps:
  1. Ask for permission to speak with the doctor.
  2. Describe your symptoms.
  3. Discuss potential treatments.
  4. Share information on treatment outcomes and side effects.
    • Divided into Parts A and B.
    • Part A assesses sorting information from multiple texts.
    • Part B analyzes the understanding of health sector-related information.
    • Profession-specific tasks based on workplace demands.
    • Candidates write letters based on clinical case notes.
    • Letter types vary depending on the profession.

Click here to view the OET Exam Dates for 2024 in India.

Why Choose Tiju's Academy — Thiruvalla's No. 1 OET Coaching Centre

A Proven Track Record of Successful OET Results

Year after year, Tiju’s Academy has empowered countless healthcare professionals to achieve their target OET scores and secure rewarding international career opportunities. Our personalized, results-driven coaching approach has enabled many to turn their global medical ambitions into reality.

Read testimonials from our past students whose lives and careers were transformed after our comprehensive OET training.

Begin Your Journey Towards an International Healthcare Career Today

Don’t let language be an obstacle – make it your advantage. Enroll in our transformative OET coaching at Tiju’s Academy in Thiruvalla, and gain the specialized English skills to deliver exceptional patient care anywhere in the world.  

Our expert trainers will provide personalized guidance, strategies and language mastery to help you demonstrate your readiness to work in an English-speaking healthcare environment on the OET. Contact us today to take the first step towards pursuing exciting new career horizons internationally as a medical professional.

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Introducing Our Comprehensive OET Grammar Guide
OET grammar book published by Tiju's academy
About Authors

Mr. Tiju Antony, the Managing Director of Tiju’s Academy, has been teaching English grammar for the past decade. Throughout his career, he has worked with learners of all ages and backgrounds, collaborating with fellow educators to refine his understanding of English grammar.

Ms. Deepthy Thomas, a TESOL-certified trainer and a UK-trained nurse, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With years of teaching nursing and OET courses under her belt, she now serves as a Director at Tiju’s Academy, contributing her expertise to the book.

About the Book

This book is an essential resource for those studying English-oriented nursing courses such as the OET. With 37 comprehensive units, it covers all the essential aspects of English grammar clearly and understandably. Suitable for both students and teachers, the book includes numerous exercises to help learners gauge their progress and reinforce their understanding of the material as they study.

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