THE BEST TIPS FOR OET LISTENING PART C 2023 Candidates frequently mention OET listening part C as being the most difficult of the exam’s listening components. It follows the same multiple-choice format as OET listening part B, but unlike part B, the texts are longer, usually lasting six to seven minutes. Maintaining your attention on […]

What Are The Best OET Listening Assessment Criteria and Tips

OET Listening- Assessment Criteria So, you will take the Occupational English Test (OET), which is necessary for many positions in the healthcare industry. Many healthcare workers must pass the Occupational English Test (OET) to register for practice in an English-speaking Country. The listening session comprises four subtests that make up the OET. Although the listening […]

How to Identify Opinions in OET Listening Part-C?

Identify Opinions in OET Listening Part-C The main focus of OET Listening Part-C is to check your understanding of Opinions. You will hear many different opinions from your patients and colleagues. Usually, the introduction of one opinion will lead to a second opinion by a response that may again agree or disagree with the original […]

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