The significance of Grammar in OET is critical since the test measures people’s linguistic ability. To pass the OET, an English language competency test, test-takers must ensure that their written or spoken words use proper Grammar. Tiju’s academy so far has broken the conventional pedagogy of grammar tutoring. Watch our Oet Serious Mistakes series on youtube

Along with introducing OET-specific grammar, Tiju’s academy presents ‘OET serious mistakes’ live videos every Friday, with a highly interactive session with our students and many others worldwide. Understanding grammar becomes more efficient by recognizing potential major hurdles and mistakes and working on them.

Rectifying grammatical and regular word use mistakes is one of the best techniques for language learners to achieve competency, particularly in English—the objective of language learning and communication.

Grammar and vocabulary are critical components of effective communication. Proper vocabulary and perfect grammar assist learners in achieving their language learning and fluency goals. Grammar is the fundamental structure of language. Grammar has limitless power. Grammar study is no exception; practice makes perfect. A mistake can have serious consequences, especially in healthcare. As a result, medical errors are unavoidable, and the consequences will be severe.

Perfect Grammar ensures the proper meaning is conveyed, and the patient receives suitable therapy. It also demonstrates your professional skills. Grammar is an essential component in all four portions of the test. However, it plays a significant part in writing and speaking phrases. This is because grammatical structures are used to represent concepts in these parts. More robust grammatical knowledge, however, will guarantee that the candidate understands what the issue demands and what others want to express. You can communicate accurately using written language if you have proper Grammar. You know how to utilize words and punctuation to convey a message that most readers will comprehend.

Grammar is essential not just in written language but also in spoken language. Grammar standards are less stringent when speaking, yet grammatical faults in speech are nonetheless significant.

Too many grammatical errors and disturbing spoken language make it difficult for folks to understand what you’re saying. However, it depends on the context and who you are speaking to. Finally, having “excellent grammar” means grasping and applying basic grammatical rules and usages. While regulations are not always carved in stone, the fundamental ideas are essential to learn and use correctly.

We’ve seen how crucial Grammar is in OET for getting a decent band. Let’s look at some typical grammatical errors that OET applicants make.

• Check your Grammar for answering quick questions during the listening and reading parts.
• Understand how Grammar may help you find appropriate terms while writing summaries.
• Understand how to convert words you hear to Grammar to sentences you’d write when listening.
• Your IELTS speaking grade may be determined by your Grammar when speaking.
• The more grammatical errors you make when writing, the lower your band score.
• While reading, ‘grammatical knowledge’ aids in determining the correct answer.

Every Friday, Tijus Academy presents a live version of the OET Serious Mistake Series that gives you a chance to practise a variety of errors that would occur while structuring a sentence. The series examines students’ examination results from Tiju’s Academy to identify the most frequent yet potential errors that might appear. You can enhance your grammatical knowledge and make substantial communication improvements by recognizing and correcting mistakes. Proper part-of-speech usage can help you improve your language clarity and impact the results of any language assessment test.

OET Serious Mistake

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