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ABOUT TIJU'S ACADEMY - No: 1 OET / IELTS / CBT & PTE Coaching Centre in Kerala

Tiju’s Academy is founded on the belief that every student has great potential, which burns within them waiting to be transformed. We are passionate about tending that flame and empowering learners to break barriers and embrace knowledge.

We established ourselves as the frontiers of the English language institute in Kerala with complete training services for exams like OET, IELTS, and PTE, among others on global platforms. But this isn’t just an exam preparation centre. Our true aim is to transform students into whole persons who will succeed both academically and professionally.

Once you walk through our gates, you will feel the vibrancy of our creative environment created specifically to support growth at all levels. Our zealous educationalists focus directly on uncovering the individual brilliance of each learner using personal coaching based on their interests, learning styles, and desires.

Whether you’re moving into our more disruptive classroom environment or our state-of-the-art virtual teaching, get ready for an educational experience that breaks the traditional learning mould. Our curated courses not only enhance language skills but also develop unprecedented skills in critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership to help you succeed in any endeavour.

However, this is not just another academic institution; It is a place of personal and social transformation. These courses allow students to grow into bold innovators who can make a meaningful difference locally and globally.

The core of Tiju’s Academy adheres to the fundamental belief that knowledge is a catalyst for growth and development – both for individuals and communities. This belief drives our deep commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders and inspiring agents of positive change.

With a global perspective, we are committed to equipping our students with the critical thinking, critical skills, and fearless tenacity needed to boldly challenge the status quo. We will empower you to create innovative solutions and make a lasting positive impact as a living global citizen.

Tiju’s Academy is the pioneering vision of our founder Tiju Antony. His genuine passion and unwavering commitment to unlock the highest potential in every young mind have elevated our institution as an unmistakable beacon of academic excellence in Kerala.

Inspired by its transformative direction, the ongoing spirit of evolution runs through our veins. We are relentless in our commitment to pioneering teaching philosophies, cutting-edge curricula and developing world-class teachers. Our highest aspirations? Establishing Tiju’s Academy as a revolutionary centre for learning English – not just in India, but in the world.

No matter where you call home, we invite you to embark on an enriching odyssey of self-actualization at Tiju’s Academy. Embark on an exciting journey of unlimited personal growth with our environment nurtured by us, inspired by insightful mentors and warm kindred spirits.

Together we will create a bold new path where you will dream bold dreams, accomplish extraordinary projects, and ultimately emerge as a remarkable catalyst for positive change – contributing to a brighter future for all of us. If you are ready to ignite your talents and unleash your true potential, join the Tiju’s Academy team today.

Many nurses plan to work overseas; however, they need to pass a language test, either OET or IELTS, which they consider as an arduous task. But once they join in Tiju’s Academy for OET or IELTS that thought will change not only making them succeed in the exam but also improving their lives fruitfully. We guide health professionals to reach their dream destination through online. We lend a hand in making your dreams come true through OET and IELTS online. It is also noteworthy that we focus on OET and IELTS Online and give 100 % dedication towards it.

We also offer CBT & PTE training both online and offline in Kerala, India. We provide the best coaching classes with flexible and convenient scheduling tailored to the candidate’s needs. Tiju’s Academy provides high-quality OET online coaching in Kerala, with a high number of students successfully passing the OET exam, which firmly establishes our position as the best OET coaching centre in Kerala.

We ensure that our online courses mirror our offline classes. Our courses are structured to provide individual attention to all four modules, distinguishing us as one the top OET & IELTS coaching centres in Kerala, India.

Tiju Antony

Founder & MD

Tiju Antony

Deepthy Thomas

Co Founder & Director

Deepthy Thomas

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a world where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances.

We believe that education is the great equalizer, and we are committed to providing quality English language instruction that empowers our students to achieve their goals.

Tiju’s Academy will be the premier institution for teaching English as a second language. We will provide our students with the skills and confidence they need to excel in their studies and pursue their dreams.

Our programs will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual student, and our staff will be committed to providing the highest quality of education as possible. Tiju’s Academy will be the most sought-after English language institution known for its excellence in teaching and student success

Our Mission

At Tiju’s Academy, we provide an education that empowers our students to reach their full potential and create a better future for themselves and their communities.

We believe that education is the great equalizer, and through our programs, we give our students the tools they need to succeed in life.

With our rigorous curriculum and experienced faculty, we are committed to preparing our students to succeed in school, college, and beyond, and to developing them as critical thinkers and leaders who will make a positive difference in the world. Join us on our mission to provide an excellent education for all!”

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OET /IELTS online and offline coaching provided by Tiju’s Academy is quite student-friendly and have exceptionally skilled OET Trainers who assist the Candidates to succeed in the  exams

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Fulfilling your dream through a simple click in an online-led and offline programme with the help of excellent mentors and a grammar expert. We provide the Best OET / IELTS Online Training Kerala and India

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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of our courses varies depending on the course you choose and your learning pace. Our online courses are unlimited and our offline courses range from 4-12 weeks.

All our trainers are certified and have extensive experience teaching English language proficiency exams.

Yes, we provide additional support to our students outside the classroom through our online learning platform and personalized feedback sessions.

Our academy has a proven track record of success, with hundreds of students achieving their desired scores in the OET and IELTS exams and leading successful careers.

At Tiju’s Academy, we provide personalized attention, expert guidance, and state-of-the-art facilities that create a fun and engaging learning environment. Our trainers are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to helping you achieve your language goals.

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