10 Key Tips for Excelling in the OET Speaking Sub-test

Maximizing the initial three minutes in the OET Speaking sub-test can significantly enhance your performance. This crucial period is designed for you to carefully read your OET role-play card, understand the task at hand, and plan your responses. Effective utilization involves a quick yet thorough analysis of the scenario presented, identifying key points to discuss, […]

OET Speaking Role Play Scenarios for Nurses

The OET Speaking test for nurses requires candidates to participate in a role play conversation with an examiner. The role play scenario will be based on a real-world healthcare situation, and the candidate will be expected to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. OET Speaking Role Play Scenarios […]

OET Speaking Roleplay Task

OET Speaking Resources  Effective communication is a vital skill in healthcare professions, and the OET Listening test assesses this crucial ability through roleplay scenarios—tips for excelling in the roleplay section of the OET Listening test. Role Assignment Participants are assigned specific roles, such as healthcare professionals, patients, or family members. Each position comes with its […]

OET Speaking Exam Format

Do two role-plays with someone to prepare for the OET Speaking test. You will have two tasks to complete. You’ll have prep time for 2 tasks – 5 and 6 minutes each. Resources are available to assist you. Overview of OET Speaking Test Role-play In the role-play, you’ll interact with a patient or caregiver and […]

Master OET Speaking: Your path to success

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Introduction to OET Speaking The OET Speaking sub-test assesses your English communication skills in healthcare through two 5-minute role-plays. You’ll have 3 minutes to prepare for each role-play based on real-life healthcare situations. Your communication ability will be evaluated during the role-plays. Introduction A good introduction is crucial for making an excellent first impression during […]

How to perform well in OET speaking

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Understanding OET Speaking Assessment The Occupational English Test (OET) is an English language proficiency test for healthcare professionals. The OET Speaking sub-test comprises four sub-tests that contain the OET. The English communication skills test for healthcare is 20 minutes long and includes a friendly conversation and two role-playing scenarios. The introductory conversation typically takes around […]

How to prepare for OET Speaking

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Prepare for OET Speaking like a pro. Master roleplays, practice fluency, and boost your confidence for successful healthcare communication. Importance of OET Speaking Start by familiarising yourself with the test format. Read through the official guidelines and sample materials provided by the test administrators.  To succeed in the OET Test: For the speaking test, articulate […]

OET Speaking Tips | Roleplay on Just Examined Cases | Tiju’s Academy  

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Roleplay on Just Examined Cases : OET SPeaking Tips Transcript: Introduction: Hi everyone, nowadays in OET speaking subtest, they are asking a totally different kind of role play where we don’t need to have a proper introduction. As usual and we came to know that our candidates are having a bit confusion regarding how to […]

OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers -2 | Tiju’s Academy

OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers -2 | Tiju’s Academy OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers. The warm-up portion of the OET Speaking subtest introduces you to the interlocutor. At this point, the interlocutor will see how proficient you are in the language. Even though the OET Speaking warm-up session is not factored towards the […]


UNDERSTANDING OET SPEAKING One of the most complicated scoring tests a candidate can take is the OET speaking! It is difficult and not as simple as it may seem to make the examiners feel impressed by what you say. Any error you make will be scrutinised by the professionals evaluating you who are seated there. […]

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