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Tijus Academy stands as the No. 1 OET coaching centre in India, offering top-notch training for healthcare professionals aspiring to work in English-speaking countries.

Are you struggling with English proficiency for the OET test? At Tijus Academy, one of Kerala’s top-rated OET coaching institutes, our premium prep course helps less confident students succeed. With tailored 1-on-1 instruction from experienced trainers, we empower you to master all 4 exam modules.

Our personalized approach is designed for comprehensive skill-building. Through focused practice and feedback, we shore up challenge areas until you feel fully prepared. Students develop exam expertise as we break down test sections, analyze response patterns, and provide proven test-taking strategies.

With individualized improvement plans and abundant resources, our premium course gives you everything needed to excel on the OET. Small batch sizes ensure dedicated coaching time. We’ve seen even the most apprehensive students gain ample confidence and skill to triumph on exam day.

Join passionate OET experts who understand the Language challenges Kerala students face. Our cohort-specific training helps you overcome obstacles so you can proudly achieve your English goals.

Unlock your potential with Tijus Academy. Contact us today to enrol in premium coaching and put yourself firmly on the path to OET success!

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What is Occupational English Test (OET)

OET is an English test tailor-made for individuals working in the medical field. It’s all about checking how good your English is if you’re in healthcare. The idea is to ensure your language skills are up to par for the job. Plus, it’s like a confidence booster for medical pros when talking with patients and colleagues.

Now, our OET course is all set up to get you ready for the exam hassle-free. Picture this: personalized one-on-one sessions with plenty of time to dig into your studies, without breaking the bank on extensions. And guess what? No matter which class you go for, you’re in for unlimited sessions that’ll amp up your confidence for the big day

benefits of oet

Discover the Advantages of the OET Test

Earning competitive Occupational English Test (OET) scores is the golden ticket for healthcare workers who want to pursue foreign careers. More than just a test, it demonstrates the language skills and strategic thinking required to flourish while working across cultures. Premier coaching transforms preparation into a meaningful professional development opportunity.

The OET’s real-world healthcare scenarios help students develop practical communication skills, allowing them to better serve various patient populations. Achieving high scores opens opportunities all across the world, from elite facilities in Australia and the United Kingdom to hospitals in Dubai. It needs rigour, endurance, and the tried-and-true methods provided by our expert instructors.

If you are seeking advanced expertise, lucrative employment, or aiming to enhance your knowledge, we provide a dedicated team for your success. No one surpasses our results, which are based on personalized feedback and tools refined over decades of assisting students in succeeding abroad.

Merely passing the test is not enough, let experienced trainers help you reach your full potential on the global stage. Join us today to gain the confidence, sharp perspective, and language skills that will demonstrate your readiness for international opportunities. Move forward confidently towards an ambitious international career supported by the OET credential and transferable skills for lifelong impact

Exam Structure
    • Focuses on understanding spoken language.
    • Three scenarios: physician-patient consultation, monologue, or dialogue.
    • Listen carefully and answer based on the information provided.
    • Role-playing exercise involving communication with a doctor.
    • Discuss patient symptoms based on the provided card.
    • The interlocutor acts as a patient, caregiver, or another professional.
    • Three minutes to prepare before presenting the card.
    • Five minutes for role-play, following these steps:
  1. Ask for permission to speak with the doctor.
  2. Describe your symptoms.
  3. Discuss potential treatments.
  4. Share information on treatment outcomes and side effects.
    • Divided into Parts A and B.
    • Part A assesses sorting information from multiple texts.
    • Part B analyzes the understanding of health sector-related information.
    • Profession-specific tasks based on workplace demands.
    • Candidates write letters based on clinical case notes.
    • Letter types vary depending on the profession.

Click here to view the OET Exam Dates for 2024 in India.

Why Choose Tiju's Academy — Kerala's No. 1 OET Coaching Centre

Are you looking for the top OET coaching centre in Kerala? You’ve landed at the correct place. Our OET course is well-known for its excellence, which combines premium teaching methods with cutting-edge technology. Our in-person training will consist of interactive sessions designed to enhance your fundamentals and improve your exam performance.

At Tiju’s Academy, we are committed to helping you excel in your studies and confidently handle real-world situations, whether at work or in a personal situation. Our team of qualified OET trainers is committed to loading you with a wealth of international knowledge and competence.

As one of the top OET coaching centres in Kerala, we foster a positive attitude and mutual respect among our students. We are continually evolving and expanding to reach more individuals who can benefit from our strategy-based classes. Our comprehensive academic structure accommodates students of all levels, ensuring they attain their desired scores.

At Tiju’s Academy, we know how important it is to provide not only quality teaching but also an ideal learning environment for our students. For this reason, we have hostels in Mavelikara and Thiruvalla near our academy. Our hostels provide students with a comfortable and safe living environment so that they can concentrate on their studies without having to worry about their accommodation. In addition, we offer a cab service to take students from their residences to our academy for convenience and accessibility. Check out our OET coaching centres in Thiruvalla and Mavelikara to learn more about our hostel services and how we can help you pass your OET exam.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment! Call us now and kickstart your journey to OET success today!

Oet success with tijus academy

Introducing Our Comprehensive OET Grammar Guide

OET grammar book published by Tiju's academy

About Authors

Mr. Tiju Antony, the Managing Director of Tiju’s Academy, has been teaching English grammar for the past decade. Throughout his career, he has worked with learners of all ages and backgrounds, collaborating with fellow educators to refine his understanding of English grammar.

Ms. Deepthy Thomas, a TESOL-certified trainer and a UK-trained nurse, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With years of teaching nursing and OET courses under her belt, she now serves as a Director at Tiju’s Academy, contributing her expertise to the book.

About the Book

This book is an essential resource for those studying English-oriented nursing courses such as the OET. With 37 comprehensive units, it covers all the essential aspects of English grammar clearly and understandably. Suitable for both students and teachers, the book includes numerous exercises to help learners gauge their progress and reinforce their understanding of the material as they study.

Countries Accepting OET

Below is a list of countries that recognise/accept OET results as proof of English language proficiency. You could check with our expert counsellors before registering for the OET test to know about the organisations that are accepting OET. Here’s a list of countries that require medical professionals to have an OET result:

Frequently Asked Questions

Tiju’s Academy stands out as the top-notch OET coaching center in Kerala, India. When it comes to OET preparation, Tiju’s Academy excels, offering superior test materials compared to other training centers in Kerala, India

We offer personalized classes tailored to your convenience, allowing you to choose the time and location that suits you best. Our dedicated support team stays in touch with you to remind you about your classes and ensure your needs are met. Additionally, we conduct weekly mock tests and regular feedback sessions to help you evaluate your progress and enhance your learning. Furthermore, we have an exceptional grammar expert, Mr. Tiju Antony, author of “The Nuances of English Grammar,” who simplifies complex sentence structures for you. Moreover, we provide fluency classes aimed at boosting the confidence of hesitant speakers.

We have an excellent grammarian(certified IELTS trainer) who has been teaching grammar for the last 7 years.He makes English world simple for you by his easy way of grammar explanation.He teaches students complex sentences which is really essential for your writing sections(IELTS & OET).Apart from that he analyses one’s knowledge in grammar and divides the students in 3 sections for helping to grasp grammar easily as Basic, intermediate and advanced sections.

When you enroll,you are supposed to attend a test,which differentiates your grammar knowledge and categorizes in which section you include. BASIC SECTION: In the basic section we have included the basic tenses, passive voice, reported speech, and auxiliary verbs,in addition to that,we assist you to make basic sentences with the help of our own customized materials.After the end of the section you can make simple sentences in an easy way.INTERMEDIATE SECTION: In this section, you will be having complex sentence structures (complex sentences, compound sentences, compound-complex sentences) . ADVANCED SECTION: In this section,you will be having advanced complex sentence structures (conditionals, appositives, parallel structure, cleft, wh- cleft, gerund, nominalisation)

The cost of the OET exam is around ₹32,206 in Indian Rupees. It’s worth mentioning that this fee includes several services such as result delivery, a digital certificate, and online verification, along with the four sub-tests (listening, reading, writing, and speaking).

  1. Start by familiarizing yourself with the test structure.
  2. Create a detailed study plan to organize your preparation.
  3. Hone your skills by practicing regularly.
  4. Begin your preparation early or as soon as possible to give yourself ample time.
  5. Apply for the exam only when you feel fully prepared and confident.
  6. Address any weaknesses you may have and try to stay calm throughout your preparation.
  7. Consider enrolling in an online OET course for additional support and guidance.

We conduct mock tests identical to the final exams, aiding individuals in approaching the exams confidently with reduced stress. Additionally, we provide proper, strict, and regular feedback for each section. Tiju’s Academy schedules mock tests after every 10 classes, benefiting both mentors and students by identifying weak areas and analyzing methods to enhance performance in each section. This approach is particularly beneficial for working students.

Each student will be sending letters through their personalized email to our official email for each mentor,which make them to see your letters and correct it.Each mentor will call you ,respective of their alloted time and they analyses your letter by reading each sentence word -to-word and explaining about the grammar mistake ,sentence correction and paragraph organization. you can either rewrite or write fairly when it corrects,also can ask your doubts instantly. Our mentors will be available 24 hours you can ask any queries regarding your section to them. Apart from that they are student-friendly , if you are unsatisfied with their explanations or grammar clearance they will guide you to the top experts.

Tijus academy provides excellent facilitators fro fluency sections, and they helps you to make simple sentences and idea generation ,no matter what educational background you are. They always assist you to speak confidently by asking simple questions and which helps you to improve your English language slowly.

Everyone’s experience is different, but a big chunk of OET candidates find the writing and reading sections the toughest. You can see it because lots of folks end up retaking those parts. But really, it boils down to what you excel at and where you could use a little extra practice.

Your numerical score gets converted into a letter grade for each sub-test, going from A (the highest) to E (the lowest). There’s no overall grade for the OET. Instead, your OET Statement of Results displays your score on a scale from 0 to 500.

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