Improve IELTS General Reading Skills

In the IELTS General Reading section, you will encounter various question types. Here is a breakdown of the question types you may come across:


Multiple Choice (MCQ) questions are the most common type of question in the IELTS Reading test. These questions evaluate your comprehension of the provided text by identifying key concepts and details.

Identifying Information

Identifying Information questions ask you to find specific information in the text. These questions can be either True/False or Yes/No questions.

Identifying Writer’s Views

Identifying Writer’s Views questions ask you to determine the writer’s opinion or attitude on a particular topic.

Matching Information

Matching Information questions ask you to check information from the text to a list of options.

Matching Headings

Matching Headings questions ask you to check a heading to a section of the text.

Matching Features

Matching Features questions ask you to match two or more texts based on their features.

Sentence Completion

Sentence Completion questions ask you to complete a sentence with a word or phrase from the text.

Sentence Headings

Sentence Headings questions ask you to write a heading for a section of the text.

Summary questions

Summary questions ask you to write a summary of the text’s main points.

Table questions

Table questions ask you to complete a table with information from the text.

Flowchart Completion

Flowchart Completion questions ask you to complete a flowchart with information from the text.

Diagram Label

Diagram Label questions ask you to label a diagram with information from the text.

Short Answer

Short Answer Questions ask you to answer a question in a few sentences.

These are the most typical IELTS General Reading question types. However, there may be other question types on the exam, so it is essential to be prepared for anything.


In conclusion, the IELTS General Exam Reading section encompasses a range of question types designed to assess your reading comprehension skills. By understanding the various question formats and practising with sample questions, you can become familiar with the exam’s demands and enhance your performance. Remember to allocate your time, read the instructions carefully, and use efficient reading strategies to extract critical information from the passages. With dedicated practice and a solid understanding of the question types, you can improve your ability to locate specific information, identify main ideas, and comprehend the writer’s viewpoint. Developing your vocabulary and reading speed will further boost your confidence and efficiency during the exam. Stay focused, practice regularly, and approach the IELTS General Reading section strategically. Best of luck in your IELTS preparations!

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