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Present Perfect-Active and Passive Voice- Grammar Part-1

Present Perfect-Active and Passive Voice
Present Perfect-Active and Passive Voice

Present Perfect tense Examples

Active Voice

1. She has finished her book.

2. They have created a masterpiece.

3. We have solved the puzzle.

4. I have bought a new car.

5. He has cooked an amazing dinner.

6. She has painted a beautiful picture.

7. They have written a new song.

8. We have found the missing item.

9. I have completed the project.

10. He has organized the office.

11. She has finished her homework.

12. They have celebrated their anniversary.

13. I have read the book.

14. He has taken the test.

15. We have visited the museum.

16. You have cooked a delicious meal.

17. I have run ten miles.

18. They have bought a new car.

19. She has written the report.

20. He has planted the flowers.


1. The book has been finished by her.

2. A masterpiece has been created by them.

3. The puzzle has been solved by us.

4. A new car has been bought by me.

5. An amazing dinner has been cooked by him.

6. A beautiful picture has been painted by her.

7. A new song has been written by them.

8. The missing item has been found by us.

9. The project has been completed by me.

10. The office has been organized by him.

11. The homework has been finished.

12. Their anniversary has been celebrated.

13. The book has been read.

14. The test has been taken.

15. The museum has been visited.

16. A delicious meal has been cooked.

17. Ten miles have been run.

18. A new car has been bought.

19. The report has been written.

20. The flowers have been planted.

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