THOMPSON TED -Question -3

Read the case notes below and complete the writing task which follows:

Time allowed: 40 minutes

You are Amala Mathew, a qualified nursing sister working with the Cure Nursing Home Care Agency. Thompson Ted is a patient in your care.

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Name: Thompson Ted

Address: 123 Clay lane, West Midlands


Date of Birth: 27 October 1923

Social Background:

Married – wife Aliya aged 76. Lives as tenant – Both receive age pensions

Medical History:

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) 3 years ago
Rehabilitation generally successful – Mentally alert, slight speech impairment, – residual weakness right sidewalks with limp – balance slightly impaired.

DM-since 2012 ,metformin

HTN-since 2011, Ramipril 1.25mg

13 /4/2013
Had fall descending stairs. Badly grazed right knee. GP has requested daily visits by Cure Nursing Home Care to dress wound and assist with showering.

Grazed knee redressed – no sign of infection
Thompson managing to get around the house slowly with aid of his wife. Reports that apart from “usual aches and pains” he is doing well.

Knee healing well.
Suggested use of a walker or walking stick to assist with mobility.
Thompson said he had a walking stick but it was useless. Wife says he had never learned to use it properly. She asked if I would contact their local physiotherapist to see if Thompson could receive a home visit to assess further assistance to improve his mobility.



Using the information in the case notes, write a letter to Ms Maria, Leventel, Physiotherapy Centre, 36 Claylane Street, West Midlands, Bristol on behalf of Mrs Aliya Ted requesting a home visit to provide advice and assistance with improving her husband’s mobility.

Do not use note form in the letter. Expand on the relevant case notes to explain his background and medical history and the assistance requested.

The letter should be 15-20 lines long. No more than the first 25 lines will be assessed.

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