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DICKSON BRAND – Question 1


You are a registered nurse in the pediatric isolation ward of Pool Hospital, Hairfield, UK.
Patient’s details
Name- Dickson Brand
Mother- Susy Brand, Father –Mark Brand
DOB– 11/6/13
Admitted for –fever, body pain, and headache, rashes filled with water over hands, face and neck
Diagnosis– chickenpox
Physical examination– height– 54”, weight-25 kg
Temperature-38.9, pulse- 96/mt, respiration- 23/mt
Dickson lives with his mother, grandpa, and 2 siblings kate 5 yrs and Jack 8 yrs, father works at a
company site and visits every three months.
School– going regularly, active, likes sports, has many friends, a best friend Asher who had chickenpox and now on sick leave.
Medical history –often catches a cold, fever
Treatment plan –rest, good food, hydrate with plenty of fluids, tab paracetamol 500mg tid, tab
piritone 5mg bd, calamine lotion for rashes local application
Discharge plan –chickenpox a contagious disease, caused by varicella-zoster virus, chances of
spreading exist until blisters heal and dry up, review after 14 days,
Health education –Avoid traveling, avoid contact with friends, relatives, and neighbors
Offer education on importance of vaccination as you discover none of the children have received any vaccinations. Recommend GP apt asap to find out what they can receive.
Medicines to continue for further 10 days and contact nearest health center in case of any emergency

Writing Task

Write a letter to the pediatric community nurse Catherine George at General Surgery, hairfield,
UK asking her to monitor the condition of the child, offer health advice with regards to
vaccination against other diseases such as measles and mumps, recommend the MMR vaccine and
educate on how to not spread chickenpox.
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