IAN FEDWICK -Question -5

Read the case notes and complete the writing task which follows

Ian Fedwick is a 6-year-old boy who is the son of one of your newly referred patients in the community mental health center where you are a mental health case manager.

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Date of birth: 12 April 2008

Place of birth: St.Joseph Hospital, wales

Religion & ethnicity: Catholic, Parents born in Wales

Mother’s name: Angel Fedwick

Mother’s community admission date: 15 March 2013


Mother- Major depression with psychotic features

son-? early onset  separation anxiety disorder


Angel suffered PND- depressed since

she sometimes hears voices calling her and sees ‘men’ running around her house- nil serious psychosis in functional terms.

Ian’s psychological status ok until DSH and hospitalization , after this signs of separation anxiety

Father is self-employed and works long hours. Rarely see Ian &dismissive of Ian’s emotional states ,He’s like a bloody girl now! he told us.

Ian loves chess and playing with his dog, ‘Bunny’.

Medical history

serious otitis media-required grommets at 18 months

Medication: Nil meds

Case management and progress

Angel new to our area &referred to mental health unit

we will provide her with long term MH case management

Ian really panics whenever mum leaves his sight, socially withdrawn &refusing to attend kindergarten, insomnia &nightmares,

This greatly increases pressure on Angel when her MH is already fragile.

Father, Federal, uninterested in meeting in person or discussing problem in detail.

Ian attended the initial assessment with Angel and separation anxiety behavior very obvious

Referral plan:

Referral; to early childhood mental health team for assessment and management of Ian’s early-onset separation anxiety disorder

Request joint meeting with case manager and Angel

Writing Task

You are the Case Manager caring for Ian Fedwick’s depressed mother but due to his psychological issues needs to write a referral for him to Tom baker, Clinical Psychologist on the Newstown early childhood mental health team at Newstown Hospital.

In your answer:

Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences

Do not use note forms

Use letter format

The body of the letter should be approximately 180-200 words


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