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Roleplay on Just Examined Cases

Roleplay on Just Examined Cases : OET SPeaking Tips



Hi everyone, nowadays in OET speaking subtest, they are asking a totally different kind of role play where we don’t need to have a proper introduction. As usual and we came to know that our candidates are having a bit confusion regarding how to begin these kinds of role play. So today we are going to have a demonstration regarding the same kind of role play and the setting says. lets see a Roleplay on Just Examined Cases

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it’s a community health center and as per the scenario a 66 year old patient is concerned about the varicose vein on his or her left leg.

He is having increased itching as well. So, the patient would like to get some advice from the respective Medical Professional and we have just examined his leg as well. 

This is Aishwarya from teachers Academy and I’ll be enacting the role of a nurse and with me Gouri from the Tiju’s Academy and I’ll be taking the role of the patient 

: So unlike our regular role play cards we won’t be starting with a general introduction but we will dive Right into our tasks 

: so since it’s a known case we are supposed to ask the name of

the interlocutor during the time of preparation so how can I address you during the time of role play you can call me Gouri. 

Let’s begin our Roleplay on Just Examined Cases 

: All right Gauri first of all thank you for allowing me to do your examination and as per the examination, you’re having inflammation on the varicose vein so for the better understanding of the scenario, I would like to ask you some more questions regarding your medical condition so. May I?

: Yes please 

: Thank you, governing could you please tell me about your General Health then?

: Actually I am generally well and I don’t have any underlying medical conditions

 : I’m really glad to hear that but on that note I would like to know about the onset of this particular medical condition and the intensity of your itching as well.

: Sure actually the itching started a few months ago so in the last couple of weeks some of the veins have gone ichier and even when I am scratching it become red and you know even scabs are forming.

: I’m so sorry to hear that Gauri have you noticed any swelling on that particular site and how does it feel?

: actually I have a bit of swelling but it doesn’t feel any hot or anything.

: all right so thank you so much gauri for sharing all the details regarding your personal medical condition. On that note all the information that I have collected from you right now you’re having the condition that is being a venous dermatitis, but I would like to tell you please don’t get Panic by listening to the name of the condition I will explain you everything in detail is that okay for you.

: Yes, it sounds great 

: Okay, so as per the condition it is a chronic inflammatory skin disease so you already told me you’re having varicose vein and because of that condition your blood vessels are quite damaged and the blood is oozing out of the vein into the tissues and that is causing you itching right now .

: okay 

: I hope you understood so far 

: yes I did 

: so, I just want to ask you have you tried any remedies for the condition?

 : uh no nurse I haven’t tried any remedies so far but occasionally I have tried some moisturizers but it didn’t seem to help me.

: all right you

: don’t need to worry. For your condition, I would like to strongly recommend you to use this moisturizer at least twice a day in order to ease your itching 

: okay 

: and along with that we would suggest you to go for some medicated environments without any fragrance or time in addition you can go for compression stockings as well so would you mind trying the above mentioned recommendations.

: Yes, nurse I’ll definitely try those but it is very hard for me to stop scratching because it is very itchy.

: I’m so sorry to hear that, but you don’t need to worry. I can assure you that we will be there by your side to overcome the situation, so I strongly emphasize on the importance of not scratching the particular area because it may worsen your itching and it may lead to cut or infections. On that note I would like to suggest you that seek medical attention immediately if you find it worsen I hope you understood so far.

: yes I did.

: I hope you understood so far gouri.

: Yes I did. 

: All right. On that note in order to improve your current medical condition that is Venous status dermatitis it is very much important for you to manage your varicose vein as well I hope you can follow my suggestions that I’m gonna mention right now.

: yes I’ll be able to follow that.

: all right thank you so much for that. On that note I would advise you to keep yourself active every time and when you choose your clothing make it Loose rather than keeping it tight along with that avoid standing or sitting for a very long period of time and always keep your legs elevated when you’re sitting. I hope you can follow these suggestions.

: Yes, I’ll be able to do that.

: All right gauri, I hope I have made myself clear to you so far.

: Yes you did 

: Thank you so much so please don’t hesitate to approach us in future for any kind of assistance. Wish you a very good luck and wish you a very speedy recovery as well. Thank you for your patient listening.

: Thank you Nurse 

: Thank you

So I wish the article “Roleplay on Just Examined Cases” will be good enough to understand things. if you like to read other OET Speaking Tips

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