OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers -2 | Tiju’s Academy

OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers
OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers

OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers -2 | Tiju’s Academy

OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers. The warm-up portion of the OET Speaking subtest introduces you to the interlocutor. At this point, the interlocutor will see how proficient you are in the language. Even though the OET Speaking warm-up session is not factored towards the final evaluation, it nonetheless has a big impact on the interlocutor because it serves as your orientation.

The OET Speaking Warm-up questions are more direct and allow you to get to know the interviewer. A 3-minute warm-up period follows the preparation time for the roleplay on the OET Speaking subtest. You would be asked general questions about your profession, interests, dream, etc., during the warm-up session. They do not emphasize your domain knowledge throughout this introductory session.

In the previous session, we discussed four questions for your OET Warm-up session. They are, Introduction, the reason for choosing nursing as your career, your dream destination and why you chose OET. If you haven’t read the blog, kindly go through it before going through this blog. 

You can find the blog right here. https://tijusacademy.com/oet-speaking-warm-up-questions-and-answers/ 

In today’s blog, let us look at the following questions.

  1. Qualities that a nurse should possess. 

In order to answer this question, you should definitely be aware of the mandatory qualities that a nurse should possess. As we have already mentioned, a nurse should possess good communication skills. You can say that, Unlike any other profession, nursing requires better empathizing ability with the patient. This is vital because, as a nurse, it is necessary that you maintain a good rapport with the patient. For this, we would require to communicate well with the patient. To be both a good speaker and listener is equally important.

Another important skill is problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This is crucial while dealing with emergencies and other difficult situations. You can also consider explaining qualities like dedication, honesty, competency and punctuality.

  • What are the different roles of a nurse?

These nursing roles and responsibilities may be part of your job duties, whether you choose to specialize in paediatrics, intensive care units, or as a registered nurse. You can work in a variety of environments and have a range of positions depending on your education and expertise. For this question, you can say that the nurse plays different roles in her profession. The primary role of a nurse is a caregiver; apart from this, a nurse function as an advocate, a mediator, a counsellor, an educator and the like.

A Nurse plays a very vital role in connecting various departments of the industries for the welfare of the patient.

  • Advice for the upcoming nurses.

No matter which profession you are in, in order to be content and do well in your profession, it is necessary that we love our profession. We should be dedicated in our profession, especially for that in a healthcare setting, for our patient’s welfare is in our hands. Therefore you can say that they should love their profession so that they can carry out their responsibilities effectively and without any complaints.

Along with that, we can advise them to be dedicated to their profession and maintain a professional standard. These are essential because a nurse should abide by their professional standards.

OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers

So, even though the OET warm-up session is not counted for your final score, well begun is half done. 

Hope the blog explains to you the best OET Speaking Warm-Up Questions And Answers. Keep posted with Tijus Academy for more…
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