Mastering OET: Tips and Insights from Kerala’s Premier Coaching Centre

The Occupational English Test (OET) is a vital milestone for healthcare professionals to clear for practising in English-speaking regions like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, etc. The OET assesses all key language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking which demands rigorous preparation.

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Kerala is witnessing a surge in OET coaching institutes due to rising test demand. One standout name is Tiju’s Academy based in Kerala. With a 98%+ pass rate and 10000+ trained candidates, it is the go-to destination for specialized OET training in Kerala delivered by experienced faculty.

This guide compiles the top preparation strategies and insights from the highest-rated OET coaching institute to help you successfully crack the test:

Know the OET Exam Pattern

Before strategizing, it is vital to understand the OET exam structure thoroughly:

  • 60 minutes Reading sub-test with 3 question types
  • 45-minute Writing sub-test with medical referral/discharge letter tasks
  • Approximately 35-minute Listening sub-test with audio conversations and queries
  • 20-minute Speaking sub-test involving role plays with the examiner
  • The subtests assess different parameters. Knowing the exact pattern is the precursor to commence preparation.

Assess Your Language Skill Levels

Gauge current English proficiency across reading, writing, speaking and listening modules through self-analysis or practice tests provided by the coaching institute:

  • Identify stronger areas with higher capability and weaker sections needing improvement
  • Using Level A/B past OET papers, evaluate skill components like vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation, listening comprehension, summarizing etc.
  • The assessment establishes a baseline guiding focus topics for each module during the preparation
  • This ties into setting a realistic target band you wish to achieve across the sections.

Master OET Reading Skills

Reading ability is tested through lengthy texts on diverse medical topics followed by questions. Some key strategies for the reading module include:

  • Build vocabulary around commonly used terms in healthcare – physiological conditions, diagnoses, medications etc using word banks
  • Improve comprehension ability by reading different passages in the stipulated time
  • Practice locating key facts and making inferences through previous test papers
  • Learn to manage time per question type – True/False/Not Given, Gap Fills, Table Completion, Matching Headings etc. Follow a test-analyze-identify gaps-retest loop to consistently examine reading skills.

Step Up Your OET Writing Skills

The writing sub-module tests your ability to compose an acceptable medical referral or discharge letter within the prescribed time. Some useful tips to score high bands include :

  • Use letter templates and sample answers to understand the format
  • Build your medical vocabulary through phrases commonly used
  • Practice letter writing under timed conditions tracking aspects like word limits, spelling/grammar accuracy, letter conventions and vocabulary usage
  • Learn from previous high-scoring sample letters across varying professions – doctors, nurses, physiotherapists etc.
  • Dedicate over 50% preparation time for writing letters which comprise half your score.

Strengthen Listening Abilities

This section has sequential audio conversations between patients/doctors with linked questions. Strategies to excel include:

  • Improving focus levels to capture details during fast-paced audio tracks
  • Understanding different accents during listening passages
  • Practicing response time by answering soon after hearing the audio rather than the given recap time
  • Determining question focus areas – dates, names, advice, prescription details etc from conversations
  • Consume real-life medical conversations online to orient your listening abilities.

Master OET Speaking Modules

Speaking skills are tested through role plays with the examiner gauging verbal fluency, discourse management, intelligibility and overall presentation. Some useful preparation tips include:

  • Recording your speech during practice role plays and self-reviewing for improvement areas
  • Building cue cards with likely vocabulary, terms and phrases to use during actual OET role plays
  • Practising role plays loudly within stipulated time tracking discourse markers, vocal clarity and coherence
  • Rehearsing with the institute’s language experts who provide structured feedback to fine-tune speaking delivery
  • Besides domain knowledge, using the right tonality and diction is vital to getting a high speaking score.

Attempt Regular Mock Tests

One consistent suggestion from OET experts at leading coaching centres is attempting timed mock tests using past papers across all modules weekly. This has multiple benefits:

  • Helps experience actual test conditions with content and time pressure
  • Analysis by faculty helps identify strengths and blind spots
  • Enables you to implement feedback and track incremental score improvements through retests
  • Builds exam temperament, and speed skills essential for high OET scores
  • Experts advocate nearly 8-10 mock tests before the final exam. Kissflow leverages analytics to provide visual reports assessing preparation levels.

Follow the Personalized Training structure

Reputed institutes design targeted OET preparation initiatives. For working professionals or overseas candidates, Tiju’s Academy offers flexible online training delivery. It comprises:

  • Self-paced video lessons covering all modules make learning easier
  • Scheduled remote classes provide access to instructors for doubt resolution
  • Speaking and writing practice with teachers using virtual tools
  • Mock tests, level-wise assessments and analytics-based feedback
  • The remote format maximizes skill competencies despite geographic barriers. Those opting for offline can enrol in customized classroom programs addressing individual requirements.

Invest in Quality Test Prep Resources

OET preparation requires practice resources aligned to the test structure and format. Hence students should access:

  • Module-wise workbooks with section-specific exercises, previous test questions and sample responses
  • Digital question banks with thousands of MCQs allow customizable test creation
  • Mobile apps to take mini-tests, track progress and enable quick revision on the go
  • Video lectures from renowned faculty and study material updated with pattern changes
  • Seek these learning aids from accredited coaching institutes like Tiju’s Academy invested in content quality.

Stay Exam-Ready Before Test Date

Success lies in diligent preparation weekends leading to the final test spanning all modules. Some handy tips include:

  • Just revise using section-specific notes rather than start any new topics
  • Be thorough with test guidelines and role-play scenarios
  • Appear for a final mock test to experience the exam but avoid overexertion
  • Eat nourishing food and get adequate sleep before the test day. These contribute towards the right mindset and maximize your performance.
Tiju’s Academy’s Distinct OET Training Methodology

What makes Tiju’s Academy the most trusted destination for OET coaching centres in Kerala?

Bespoke Online and Classroom OET Training Options: Candidates can enrol in specialized online and classroom programs as per ease and flexibility needs. The remote courses are delivered through cutting-edge virtual classrooms matching the efficacy of traditional learning.

  • Comprehensive Study Resources: Students gain lifetime access to 5000+ model OET questions, a dedicated mobile app for self-preparation, a virtual library of performance videos, and sectional mock exams updated regularly with question pattern changes.
  • Experienced Faculty Pool: The centre has one of the largest faculties in Kerala comprising qualified linguists, OET assessors, nurses and doctors. Their proven expertise results in better mentoring reflected in success rates.
  • Benchmark Analytics Platform: Every test attempt by a student is recorded and analyzed by experts to generate detailed performance reports that reveal stronger and weaker areas. Accordingly, training programs are customized.
Some flagship OET training programs at Tiju’s Academy are:
Academic OET Classroom Program:
  • 5-6 months long classroom coaching
  • Personal mentors for doubt resolution
  • 30+ hours of instructor-led training
  • Guaranteed 5-band score improvement
Intensive Fast Track Training:
  • Best for busy professionals needing accelerated preparation
  • Intense 40-day or 60-day sessions
  • 8-10 full-length timed mock OET tests
  • Special focus on writing and speaking modules
Weekend Crash Course:
  • Best for repeat test takers needing targeted improvements
  • Special classes on Saturdays and Sundays only
  • 20+ hours of instructor-led modules
  • 5 Full mock tests and speed-building workshops

With proven training quality reinforced by thousands of testimonials, stellar faculty and structured programs delivering consistent 98%+ pass rates, Tiju’s Academy offers a rewarding pathway to emerge OET victorious.

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