Ultimate Guide to IELTS Writing Strategies for Students in 2023

The best IELTS Writing Strategies for Students in 2023 As an IELTS student, you must be wondering how to achieve commendable performance in the IELTS writing test. Fear not, as Tiju’s Academy, the leading IELTS coaching centre in Kerala, India, has got you covered. Here are some IELTS writing strategies for students that will enable […]

IELTS Essay Writing – Chapter 3

What factors are contributing to the increased consumption of sugar-based drinks? What strategies can be implemented to reduce the amount of sugar-based drinks consumed? IELTS Essay Writing : Model-1 The consumption of sugar-based drinks has increased significantly over the past decade, due to a variety of factors. For example, the marketing of sugary drinks has […]

IELTS Essay Writing – Chapter 2

IELTS Essay WritingSamples AGREE /DISAGREE ESSAY Should university students be responsible for paying the full cost of their education since the benefits of higher education only accrue to the student and not society? To what extent do you agree or disagree? IELTS Essay Writing : Model-1 I disagree with the notion that university students should […]

IELTS Essay Writing – Chapter 1

IELTS Essay Writing – Advantages outweigh disadvantages In most countries ,city planners locate offices,schools,homes and shops in certain areas so that they are separated by distance. Do you think the advantages of this practice outweigh the disadvantages? IELTS Essay Writing : Model-1 City planners play an important role in a city’s infrastructure by making important […]

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