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What to Expect in OET Reading Part C

OET Reading Part C Overview Are you ready for a challenge? OET Reading Part C tests your ability to read and comprehend longer and more complex texts. You will encounter various topics, from medical research and healthcare policies to social issues and global events. But don’t worry – you’ll have the skills to succeed. You’ll […]

What to Expect in OET Reading Part A

OET Reading Part A Overview The OET is a language test for healthcare professionals who want to work in the UK. The OET Reading test assesses your ability to read and understand healthcare-related texts. Part A of the OET Reading test consists of 5 short texts, each followed by 5 multiple-choice questions. You will have […]

Skimming and Scanning Tips for OET Reading

Skimming and scanning are essential reading techniques that can help you quickly find relevant information in a text. Here are some tips to improve your skimming and scanning skills: When to Use Skimming and Scanning Tips Start by previewing the text:  Understand the content by reading the title, headings, subheadings, and any highlighted or bolded […]

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