How to do Appeal in OET?

How to do Appeal in OET
How to do Appeal in OET

How to do Appeal in OET?

OET Complaints Policy and Process (effective from May 2021).Candidates’ feedback is vital for OET. OET receives input from candidates. OET accepts any complaint regarding OET service. OET manages to sort out that complaint efficiently and effectively. OET has a very responsive complaint management approach. OET aim to learn from complaints so that they can improve their services in the future. 

Appeals Policy& Process

OET’s Appeals Policy and Process (effective 6 May 2021).OET aims at Appeals Policy to make sure of candidates are eligible and according to the OET Re-marking and Complaints policies. When OET receives such appeals, OET resolves them in a fair, effective and transparent manner.

Appeals Process

 For the appellants who have undergone the OET re-marking process, the OET appeals process is an escalation point. In arriving at decisions, OET applies its procedures properly and fairly. For appeals related to re-marking, the appeal process is not concerned with judgements about candidates work in the test. Re-marking and re-assessment of a candidates’ work do not involve in the Appeal.

OET will take reasonable steps to prevent the reoccurrence of the issue. If an appeal fails, the relevant appeal committee will review the Process and take all the necessary steps to prevent reoccurrence. OET decides by: implementing relevant and sufficient investigation materials, appointing qualified assessors, they excluded from re-marking ensuring assessors ensuring communication.

OET’s appeal process has a two-stages

Stage 1 

Stage 1 happens when the decision and outcome of an Appellant’s Appeal from the OET Re-marking and Complaints Process.

Stage 2 

stage 2 occurs when the Appellant appeals the Stage 1 appeal decision and outcome from the relevant OET Appeals Committee.

Important Note: If you wish to get sub-test results re-marked, please refer to the OET Re-marking Policy to submit a complaint, please refer to the OET Complaints Policy. If the candidate wishes to submit an appeal following the decision from a re-marking issue or complaint, please follow this Appeals Process. 

Appeal Requirements

Re-marking Appeals     

 Candidates should pay a total fee of AU$120 (OET on Paper) and US$95 (OET on Computer) for re-marking Appeal. This fee covers the administrative costs if the Appeal is upheld. OET refunds Appeal fees in full For more information about remarking, please visit OET Re-marking Policy. Candidates can request an Appeal personally via the OET Appeal Request Form. You can submit it within five days of the remarking outcome.

You can decide for re-valuation. It should be centred on the need for a fair assessment of your test results. The re-marking system of OET is valid for the current test. It won’t include older tests. For this, you need to complete a form, which provides the reason for the request. The final decision is intimated via email. 

Complaint Appeals

The fee for each complaint stage is AU$120 (OET on Paper) US$95 (OET on Computer).This fee is for the administrative costs involved concerning Process your request. If the Appeal is upheld, OET refunds the fees in full. Candidates can submit appeal requests within five days via the OET Appeal Request Form. Candidates can request for Appeal only personally. OET appeals committee considers the written evidence relating to your case.

The OET appeal committee has an independent member who will not involve in the administration or marking of OET. One of the members of the OET executive team is on the appeal committee. The OET appeal committee makes decisions based on findings. For complaint appeals, you will get notification within three weeks. For re-marking requests, you will get a message within eight days. 

 Outcome of Appeal

  • Results processed and published
  • Re-sit arranged
  • Appeal upheld
  • Reversal of decision
  • Report from investigation
  • OET continuous improvement
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