Are you using formal English in OET Speaking?

Are you using formal English in OET Speaking
Are you using formal English in OET Speaking?

Are you using formal English in OET Speaking?

Think about three questions In the case of OET speaking.

  • Who am I speaking to?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Is this a formal or an informal situation?

Think about each situation and decide whether it’s formal or informal. In Formal language, you use a style of speech when you are speaking to someone you are not familiar with whom you want to make a good impression. Informal language is a style of speech where the choice of words and grammar tends to be familiar rather than formal. When you know the person, you are speaking to or want to get to know, you can use informal phrases. When to use formal conversation and when to be informal in OET is a big part of mastering a language.

is OET use formal or informal English with your patients? 

Formal English is essential when you are speaking to your colleagues. But it won’t be successful with patients who are of not with same background knowledge. 

Formal English in comparison with informal English

With regard to healthcare professionals, you can generally speak to other healthcare professionals or patients. When you get a question, we have to think about whether you should use the same vocabulary for both of them.

conversation with colleagues 

While speaking with workmates, the best way is to use formal English, like using formal verbs. You have to do this because you more likely have the same knowledge as your audience.

speaking to patients

Your patients may not be very familiar with formal vocabulary or technical verbs. Also, it can give an overly formal feel. You need to adopt a style of speech ready for the audience. Your Patients may not have the same background knowledge in healthcare. Make sure that they can understand what you’re saying. It would be best if you used the correct language for this. Using phrasal verbs is a better way to do this, which is a kind of informal English. using phrasal verbs is a valuable tool at your conveyance

In OET Speaking Test, you will have role-plays, and you can make use of the typical English vocabulary and the medical terms (when the interviewer is playing the role of the patient or the relative of the patient). The speaking sub-test relates to your profession. 

The speaking sub-test of the OET has two separate role-plays. The role-plays will be between you and an interlocutor. These role-play are concerning real-life interactions in the specific healthcare field. Also, you will have a warm-up conversation with the interlocutor before you begin the role-plays. This conversation is not a part of the assessment. The entire sub-test has a duration of 15 minutes.

After warming up with the interlocutor once, and you have to complete two role-plays. These role-play have the same format and two different scenarios. neither too formal nor too informal in OET speaking .This section is about verbal competency. In these scenarios, you will have the role of a professional consultant and the interlocutor will play the role of your patient or patient’s caregiver. Your speaking in role-plays will be recorded and assessed. Make sure that you always use polite and professional language in OET Speaking. 

When you are using an informal type of language, you must satisfy the following things: 

  • commence the conversation
  • conversation maintaining 
  • confident communication 
  • usage of suitable medical terminology
  • use the details from the role-playing card
  • conclude the task in 5 minutes

Don’t be too formal in OET speaking Sub-test.

When you do the OET Speaking sub-test, you should not aim to use very formal language. In the speaking test, you should use minimal transitional words. This is due to when people speak; mostly they use an informal way. Be careful to use lots of idioms and slang. As much as possible, don’t be too formal or informal. Use formal language in more serious situations.

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