How to end your OET letter?

How to end your OET letter?
How to end your OET letter?

How to end your OET letter?

Writing a letter is an integral part of the OET Writing session, every aspect of an OET letter is of prime importance, but it’s more important to know how to end it. Many OET candidates are confused to end their letter correctly. It may be either due to unknowing the context or the reader. Understanding how to end a letter is as essential as starting a letter because of how perfectly you start. Organise the letter. If you failed to finish it appropriately, all your effort becomes futile. In this, we discuss closure or valediction of a letter.

 Sincerely, Thank you and Regards are a few of the informal endings. There are many ways to end the letter but ending formally is imperative.

The two most common formal endings for OET to choose among from these are:

•      Yours sincerely

•      Yours faithfully

when to Use ‘Yours sincerely’.

It is a bit confusing when and where a student use yours sincerely and yours faithfully.

“Yours sincerely” is typically employed in a letter when the recipient is addressed by name and is known to the sender to some degree (it can be a doctor-patient relation). If we start the letter with a name in salutation like ‘Dear Dr Philips’ or ‘Dear Mr Daniel’, we end the OET letter with ‘Yours sincerely’

When to Use ‘Yours faithfully’.

“Yours faithfully” is used if the recipient is unknown and is addressed as ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or the name is not known but have the job title and is addressed as ‘Dear Dentist’ or ‘Dear Nursing Manager’, then we use ‘Yours faithfully.

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