Two modes of delivery-OET

Two modes of delivery- OET
Two modes of delivery- OET

Two modes of delivery-OET

The dream of a healthcare professional is to work overseas, and the first milestone is OET. The journey starts with Occupational English Test. This test will validate your language skills to work in specific countries. More than 120 healthcare boards, councils and universities recognise OET scores.

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By making choices, convenience and confidence, OET provide two delivery modes with global availability. The purpose of the OET Testing modes is to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in Language and the capability to survive in the healthcare sector. You can prove your English proficiency for registration, study, and employment in the healthcare sector with a test and syllabus comprising real healthcare scenarios by Occupational English Test.

The two delivery modes of one test have the same difficulty level and format.

1. OET on Computer at a test venue

2. OET on Paper at a test venue

 You can choose to decide whether to select a computer-based test or a paper-based test.

In general, OET tests has four components





The Reading sub-test is for 45 minutes, consists of three parts. There is a total of 42 marks for the Reading sub-test. It would help if you used correct spelling in the Reading sub-test to get the marks. Misspelt words will receive no marks. Both American and British spelling variations are accepted.

The writing section is profession-specific, based on workplace situations. The test duration is  45 minutes. Letter writing is a task, usually includes referral letters. Sometimes, for some specific professions, a different type of letter is required. Health professionals in different local contexts accept other letter formats. Therefore, there is no single particular format that you have to use in writing. Spelling, punctuation and grammar, is some of the aspects included under Language. Spelling errors you make, OET will take into account in your score.

Individual speaking sub-test is conducted and takes around 20 minutes. The interlocutor checks the identity and profession of the test-taker in each speaking sub-test. Also, there is a short warm-up conversation about your professional background. Then the role-plays are introduced. You have 3 minutes of preparation time. The role-play takes about five minutes each. The human feature of the OET Speaking sub-test and the role-play task reflect best practice communication in healthcare. The whole Speaking sub-test is recorded and assessed.

The duration of the listening section is 50 minutes, includes three parts and a total of 42 questions. Generic healthcare interest is the topic, and it is accessible to candidates across all professions.   The listening audio is about 40 minutes, including recorded speech and pauses to allow you to write your answers. Each recording will play once, and you will have to complete your answers while listening.

By selecting a Computer-based Test, the test taker can choose any mode of delivery according to their convenience. OET assesses Your aptitude and language skills but not your computer proficiency. It is a new mode of OET launched on the computer. Similar to that of the paper test, all four sections are the same. If you don’t want to pursue your trial with pen and paper, you can choose a computer-based test.

The test tasks, format, English assessment and timings are the same as in OET on paper. OET on the computer keeps all the benefits of OET, including a healthcare-specific writing test and a live-human role play. Sub-tests of OET Reading, Listening, and Writing sub-tests have to deliver through the computer. At the same time, the Speaking sub-test will continue to be carried out by a human interlocutor via video conferencing software.

The OET paper test is the test of choice for healthcare professionals for the past 30 years. In this version of OET, you write your answers with a pen.

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