Identification documents used for OET

Identification documents used for OET

Identification documents used for OET

OET (Occupational English Test ) is a dream for many health professionals. For appearing OET, they need to register in their portal, and need to fulfil its requirements.  Although we need to fill in many questions in their portal, we need to update identification details and a photo.

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Filling forms might be a daunting task for many, but OET has mentioned their requirements on OET official website.

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If the photo and ID mismatch during the security check, respective checking personnel would not be allowing you to write the exam. Therefore, while filling in the information, you need to be very careful and vigilant. 

1.A photograph needs in the identification document

If you did not provide a photograph based on the OET guidelines, they might be not be allowed you to sit for the OET exam.

The photo that you upload needs to:

  • be passport sized either .jpg or .png format
  • size: 200kb-2 MB
  • colour photo
  • only white background, OET would not accept any other coloured background.
  • it should not be too old, a minimum of three months less.
  • have the head clearly 
  • have sharp focus
  • be of you looking directly at the camera
  • Head coverings should be plain coloured and to show the face from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead with the edges of the face visible.
  • Having shadows would not accept.
  •  need to show you with a neutral express and mouth closed and no red-eye
  • Avoid excessively smiling, frowning or even raised eyebrows images.

2.You can use a national government-issued ID or a valid passport. 

Some may be worried about the identification details they need to submit, either passport or national ID. You can offer any of this if it is government approved.  No need to submit both passport and a national ID; anyone is enough.  If you have some information change in the passport, it is better to provide the national ID. At the same time, make sure to take the same ID when you go for your exam. Even though your ID is valid and not used that for your exam booking, it is futile. You would not be allowed with any excuses. So please be careful to bring the ID along with you.

  • You need to use a valid passport.
  • You must use your original valid passport if you are testing outside your country of origin. Passport should display the full name, photo, date of birth and expiry date.
  • Original documents required
  • You need to contact the OET support team. Contact us, If you do not have an accepted ID document, 
  • The expiry date of documents need to be checked, and it should be valid during the exam time.

National government-issued ID

  1.  National government ID must include your full name, photograph, and date of birth (DoB) on one form of the ID.
  2. It must be in English lettering.
  3. If this ID is not in English, you need to carry a certified translated copy.
  4. A European Union (EU) Card is regarded as a National Government ID and can be used for booking and sitting the test.
  5. The ID should be as same as the one which you used for booking.

If your ID is expired or cancelled, you need to contact the OET customer support team for assistance.

The name should be as same as the ID, even the first name and the given name. For any change you require if you already created the portal, you need to contact customer care and submit the request before the exam itself. You will not be allowed to the exam centre if the name is different.

You can go to my OET portal for contacting customer care, then click on the help and submit the form.

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