CBT News Updates-NMC
CBT News Updates- NMC

CBT News Updates-NMC

The nursing and Midwifery Council launched a new Test of Competence (ToC) for nurses and midwives. The new mode of CBT has two parts. Part A covers numeracy, and Part B includes clinical questions for nursing or midwifery.

They have developed practice test materials to give your assistance to check your knowledge and understanding of the new Computer Based Test and learn more about the question format, style, and level of difficulty.

The NMC’s Test of Competence (ToC) is for evaluating the knowledge and skills of people.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) Test of Competence Part 1 exam is a computer-based test (CBT), which consists of 120 Multiple Choice Questions for 4 hours. NMC CBT is to assist nurses trained outside.

Part 1 is a computer-based test (CBT). The CBT is multiple choice type questions.

The CBT has consisted of 120 multiple choice questions to test your ability and knowledge to practice nursing safely in the UK.

Fifty questions are associated with generic nursing competencies found in each domain of nursing.

Fifty questions are the application field of generic nursing competencies to the specific area of nursing.

Twenty questions focus solely on the specific competencies required for the field of nursing. 

Your exam will test you in the following areas:

Professional values

Communication and interpersonal skills

Nursing practice and decision making

Leadership, management & teamwork

 Test of Competence of The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) ‘s Part 1 examination is computer-based. It includes 120 Multiple Choice Questions for 4 hours. NMC CBT provides help for nurses trained outside and seeking a job as a nurse in the UK.

The new CBT falls into two parts. Part A will cover numeracy, and Part B will cover clinical questions for nursing or midwifery.

The numeracy practice tests are the same as the live tests. In the case of numeracy practice tests, there are 15 questions related to applied numeracy. 

The nursing numeracy exams and the practice tests contain both generic numeracy questions and numeracy questions. 

The clinical practice tests are different from the live exams. In that section of the practice test includes 50 clinical questions. Clinical practice tests consist of 45 generic queries and five questions specific to either adult, child, mental health or learning disabilities.

You can use the practice tests as many times as you need. The practice test is measured to perform the same types of exam conditions. You’ll be getting 30 minutes to complete the numeracy practice tests. There is 1 hour 15 minutes to complete the clinical practice section.

Once you complete the practice test, you can see which questions you made correct. There is an information button for each question in the clinical practice test. There you can choose to see to which part of the blueprint the question. You must complete the questions on the CBT exam must be completed in a maximum of four hours.

You must Spend less than 2 minutes on each question to ensure you get through the exam

you will have to select the answer you think is “most correct” if multiple answers seem to work.

If you feel a response is confusing, leave it and return to it later at the end if you have more time to focus on it.

Make sure that your answers satisfy UK practices and conditions rather than practices from your homeland.

It takes Forty-eight hours for getting the result after taking the exam. You will receive an email from the NMC to determine whether you have passed or failed the CBT exam. 

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