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OET launched computer-based tests during this crucial situation for global health care. It ensures a multi-modal proposal for writing in two different delivery modes (on paper, on computer venue).

Regarding the difficulty level, two of them are almost the same. The benefits include convenience compared to paper-based tests, reduction in time taken eases the test taker’s comfort level, and increases flexibility and faster scoring. It’s a dream of every healthcare worker to work internationally, and OET makes it come true. It transforms them into more successful in their career. Good communication always creates good human bonding and human relationships. So, communication is inevitable and uncompromised in healthcare services. Medical professionals worldwide choose OET as it helps them ensure they have the right level of English as an international language for job and education purposes. OET on computer is an excellent alternative in the ongoing challenging circumstance.

Exam Booking

Booking OET on a computer is different from booking OET on paper.

For booking OET  on a computer, you need to click on this:

booking.oet-global.com, and it is better to use chrome for a better experience.

For booking OET on paper, you need to click on registration. myoet.com

Computer-based OET exam booking close before 10 days of the test administration.

For example, the Exam date is 11 October; then the booking will close on 1 October.

Exam fee

Many candidates are worried about the fee.

The fee is the same as a paper-based test.

Fee: 587 AUD

*The OET Centre accepts Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa).

Dates and venues

OET on a computer at a venue will run on the exact test dates as OET on paper. The computer-based test is currently available in 196 cities worldwide, and the list of cities is constantly growing test dates and locations page.

 Many candidates are confused about whether the OET on the computer is more complicated or easier than paper. Still, the answer is exam regulators assess both modes on the same criteria.  

It’s quick and easy; all we need is a little information. The test of choice is yours, whether it is a computer or paper. You need to be familiar with the procedure. OET official is providing free samples to analyse yourself.

For reference: try a sample test in 

Common Myths are solved

An emerging doubt is whether the candidate requires computer skills to pass OET on a computer. Even though OET focus on one’s English language skills, the candidate should have basic computer knowledge. Otherwise, they may fail to complete the exam within the time frame. So it is always advised to practice yourself or test yourself with the samples provided in the OET official. After that, only select whether you require a computer-based or paper-based test.

Same as basic computer skills, it is essential to have a webcam at home because you need to do a speaking session at home via zoom. Listening, reading and writing, only these three modules take place at the booked test venue. You could use a tablet or laptop; otherwise, it will be tough to view the role card. 

You need to be aware of the basic zoom setting, and you need to install the zoom beforehand and try it out for making you comfortable and confident while speaking.

If you require additional information regarding the speaking session of the computer-based OET, click on the link :

see the Speaking Test Online User Guide.

If you have any medical issues or require any testing accommodation, you must inform them while filling the form. You need to provide a medical certificate. The regulators will verify it and provide the requirement.

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