OET is now accepted in Canada

OET is now accepted in Canada
OET is now accepted in Canada

OET is now accepted in Canada

It is happy news for all international medical graduates (IMGs) who wish to work in Canada because they can take an English test specially designed for them. An immense pressure in all fields has been created due to this pandemic, especially in healthcare.

 Many doctors dream to work in Canada, and they must prove they have the skills to practise their profession over there. They can do OET and prove their language proficiency to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. Both healthcare regulators accept OET results as proof of English language skills.

One who writes OET needs to achieve a minimum grade B or a points score of 350 across all test areas to pass the OET exam. Note that grades and points score OET results. Doctors who have passed OET with grade B in all four sub-tests (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) have proven that they have both the language proficiency and clinical communication skills to work successfully in Canada. They have recognised the value of OET and the critical role in ensuring healthcare professionals have the right level of English to provide high quality and safe patient care.

But they need to acquire it in a single setting. Therefore the doctors can try OET instead of IELTS for their application process to Canada, which will pave more opportunities for physicians to migrate to Canada.

OET is available worldwide and includes distinct medical professions, including a specific test for Medicine. The test reflects real-life workplace tasks and relevant language skills that doctors in English-speaking workplaces need. Many experts consider that OET will assist the College in identifying those individuals with the English language skills required for safe and effective practice.

 This test reflects the real-life communication scenarios that physicians are likely to face, so it’s a fit for purpose test. When a person encounters an examination in the same way as their real life, the chance of succeeding is very high. There OET plays a significant role because OET helps them to pass their language test. It also makes them realise their work environment in advance.

IMGs and employers generally consider OET a good option as it ensures that the candidates’ English skills are strong when set within a realistic medical context. As such, this development is positive for both IMGs and the Canadian healthcare system.

Tiju’s Academy offers plenty of popular training unlimited packages for OET for nurses, ranging from months to years. There is no update on the acceptance of OET for nurses in Canada yet, but we hope the official will be working hard to secure recognition for nurses.

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