How to Identify Opinions in OET Listening Part-C?

Identify Opinions in OET Listening Part-C

The main focus of OET Listening Part-C is to check your understanding of Opinions. You will hear many different opinions from your patients and colleagues. Usually, the introduction of one opinion will lead to a second opinion by a response that may again agree or disagree with the original opinion. You need to identify the opinions when it is being given and what is it. For this, you have to interact confidently in the English-speaking health care work environment.

To focus an opinion, you require certain clues, and the question will include the clues. They can be pretty obvious, slightly less noticeable, and other words are used in questions that give clues to focus the opinion. 

It is helpful to listen to the person’s name when listening to a question, whereas the answer to the question may not be said right after the person’s name. Moreover, If you listen to an opinion presented by the main speaker, they will not tell their name. You will have to listen for the synonyms of other essential words in the questions and answers options. The OET Listening Part-C is the most challenging of all other listening parts. 

You will get six multiple-choice questions to answer in each recording in OET Listening Part-C. Before the start of recording time, you will not be able to guess the answer. The recordings ensure that everyone has the same chance of success and are accessible to all healthcare professionals regardless of their expertise. This type of recordings helps to answer options suitable for the situation. 

It needs you to identify any opinions that may be present in the text. There may be opinions of the writer, or the writer can express someone else’s opinion. Usually, it is not easy to find the exact words used in the question as in the recording. So, it is essential for the general understanding of the complete recording. 

Test-takers need to be very good at listening. It’s essential to listen to the audio well to achieve a high score. It would help if you answered while listening to the audio recording. You have to make proper use of your allowed time. It is unnecessary to find the exact words that are the same as the words present in the question because synonyms or other phrases are usually present. You will be capable of finding those synonyms or different terms. You will get time to look at the questions, and the audio recording for the listening task will be played after that for that particular section.

If you focus well on the keywords present in the question, you can answer quickly. It is essential to note the following points while listening to the audio recordings. 

  • pay attention to common opinion-presenting words like belief, think, say, impress
  • pay attention to particular opinions, which may be accompanied by vague words like ‘likely, probably etc
  • pay attention to words that express emotion or subjective judgment (based on personal opinions or feelings rather than on facts)

OET Listening Tips

  1. To become acquainted with medical topics and medical occupations
  2. Get to know the format and instructions of the exam very well
  3. Make use of the reading time before listening to the audio recording
  4. If any inconvenience, notify the issue into the staff member or remote proctor. 
  5. Move on to questions with the audio
  6. Be familiar with commonly used abbreviations in a healthcare scenario.
  7. Choose a suitable format for the test.
  8. Listen to webcasts related to healthcare knowledge.

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