Beneficial Adverbs In An OET Speaking

Adverbs In An OET Speaking
How To Use Adverbs In An OET Speaking?

How To Use Adverbs In An OET Speaking?

Adverbs help us give descriptive details of what you are talking about, showing your emotions and feelings about the things discussed. It also provides the audience with a better understanding of your perspectives and connects to your story ultimately. An adverb allows you to modify a verb. When speaking, they are great for doctors, users, and other health care professionals as they convey different meanings and add context to a sentence.

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Adverbs explain how something happens and the time, to what extent, and the place where it happens. You also get an idea of the degree of certainty about the action. You can put these adverbs into action. To speak English fluently, you need to know about adverbs. Adverbs modify verbs – but they can also modify adjectives, other adverbs and whole sentences. You can use adverbs to prepare your patients for what’s next. You can use adverbs to modify sentences to give a general feeling about the information within them. During the role-play, using an adverb can help you tell the interlocutor what is coming next.

Importance of using Correct Adverbs in OET Speaking Sub Test:

Usually, health care professionals do not focus on their adverbs in their OET Speaking Sub-Test. But, it is essential. Adverbs give the basic idea of how something is done. Therefore, you should use the adverbs in the right way. Correct adverbs make the sentence more meaningful. Remember, not just any adverb will make sense.

We can use Adverbs to modify sentences to give a general feeling about the information within them. Adverbs are super helpful when speaking to patients as they understand what is coming next. You can prepare them for good news, bad news etc. you must use suitable adverbs to explain the patient’s condition; otherwise, you will not be able to convey your information in the right way. 

Look at the following examples of adverbs in a sentence

  • Happily, I can give you a quick diagnosis by completing a urine dipstick test.
  • Honestly, I think it’s unlikely that the consultant will see you next week, but I can check if she has a cancellation.
  • Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a mole on the back of your leg. I would like to book you in for a biopsy.
  • Generally, most patients don’t experience any adverse side effects from this medication.
  • Hopefully, the itching will reduce in the next 24-48 hours, which will give you some relief, but if not, please come back.

Common Errors with Adverbs:

Given below are a set of sentences that carry the wrong and proper choice of Adverbs

  • Medical practice and health policy are changing rapid. (wrong)
  • Medical practice and health policy are changing rapidly. (right)
  • Once patients are medical stable, they should be transferred to rehabilitation. (wrong)
  • Once patients are medically stable, they should be transferred to rehabilitation. (right)
  • The healthcare team worked continuous. (wrong)
  • The healthcare team worked continuously. (right)
  • The patient looked at the nurse angry. (wrong)
  • The patient looked at the nurse angrily. (right)
  • The patient reacted to the situation intelligent. (wrong)
  • The patient reacted to the situation intelligently. ( right)
  • The patient was severe injured. (wrong)
  • The patient was severely injured. (right)
  • He fell from the staircase and hurt himself bad. (wrong)
  • He fell from the staircase and hurt himself badly. (right)
  • The patient said that the time is not passing quick. (wrong)
  • The patient said that the time is not passing quickly. (right)
  • The patient was sweating excessive even after cold compresses. (wrong)
  • The patient was sweating excessively even after cold compresses. (right)
  • She became ill immediate after she visited China. (wrong)
  • She became ill immediately after she visited China. (right)

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