It Would Be Appreciated Vs It Would Be Greatly Appreciated

It Would Be Appreciated Vs It Would Be Greatly Appreciated
It Would Be Appreciated Vs It Would Be Greatly Appreciated

It Would Be Appreciated Vs It Would Be Greatly Appreciated

In the OET Writing sub-test, you will get case notes and tasks.  According to the task, you need to select from the case notes and create a logical structure for your letter, and then you have to write the letter in your own words. The writing task is usually a referral letter, the best mode of communication between healthcare professionals.

Using standard colloquial terms and common English phrases is an excellent way to learn and become more comfortable with the English language.

When one health care professional makes a request letter to another health care professional, in OET letter writing, we see the overuse of “it would be greatly appreciated”. Using “greatly appreciated” is a common way of thanking someone in various scenarios. It is the standard way of making someone know what they did is appreciated to a large extent in a complete sentence.

But recently, it has been said that sometimes it is unnecessary to use the word ‘greatly’ in that sentence. Although it is grammatically correct to use, using “greatly appreciated.” We use this commonly in informal communication. Using both the phrases, “it would be greatly appreciated” and “it would be appreciated”, are correct, depending on the intention of the words.

Let us look at certain situations where to use ‘greatly’ and not use it.  For instance: “It would be appreciated if you could monitor his condition”, regarding the context of the case note we write, if the reader provides usual care, the sentence is sufficient enough to communicate the idea. But if extra care is given in certain situations, it is better to use “it would be greatly appreciated”. It shows that your understanding will increase the more you learn and practice yourself to the language.  

‘It Would Be Appreciated’ Vs ‘It Would Be Greatly Appreciated’

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