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 Effective communication is a vital skill in healthcare professions, and the OET Listening test assesses this crucial ability through roleplay scenarios—tips for excelling in the roleplay section of the OET Listening test.

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Role Assignment

Participants are assigned specific roles, such as healthcare professionals, patients, or family members. Each position comes with its responsibilities and objectives, which are communicated clearly to ensure everyone understands their part in the scenario.

Scenario Overview

Understanding the scenario is crucial for a victorious roleplay. A brief description includes the setting, the reason for the interaction, and relevant background information. Specific tasks or objectives are outlined, guiding participants on what they must accomplish during the roleplay.

Guidelines for Interaction

During the roleplay, communication is critical.Active listening, clarifying questions, and appropriate responses are key to effective communication and rapport building. Maintaining a professional and empathetic tone is essential.

Timing and Structure

Knowing the timing and structure of the roleplay is vital for proper planning. It is critical to communicate the duration of the roleplay and any time limits for specific tasks or interactions. Participants should also be informed if there will be multiple rounds or iterations of the roleplay and if there will be any pauses or breaks.

Communication Skills

A victorious roleplay relies heavily on effective communication, and participants should use clear, concise language, appropriate tone, and relevant vocabulary. Active listening, responding thoughtfully, and adapting communication based on the role and scenario are vital components to focus on.

Non-Verbal Communication

When doing roleplay, remember to pay attention to your body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Maintaining open and engaged body posture and using appropriate non-verbal cues can enhance the overall communication experience.

Reflection and Feedback

After the roleplay, self-reflection is crucial for growth. Participants should take time to assess their performance, identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. Seeking feedback from peers or instructors can provide valuable insights and help refine their communication skills.

Practice and Preparation

Practice makes perfect, which is no different regarding roleplay in the OET Listening test. It is recommended to practice with sample scenarios, audio materials, or roleplay partners. Recording and reviewing practice sessions can also be beneficial in identifying areas that require improvement.


The teacher or instructor will typically provide the dialogue students use in a roleplay task, and the dialogue should be realistic and appropriate for the students’ roles.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure the instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  • Provide enough information about the roles, setting, and dialogue so that students can visualise the roleplay.
  • The instructions should be realistic and appropriate for the students’ roles.


Nurses should introduce themselves and ask how their patients are feeling to ensure a good experience.

  • The nurse should take the patient’s vital signs.
  • The nurse should call the doctor and report the patient’s condition.
  • The nurse should assist the doctor with the examination.
  • Nurses inform patients about their illness and how they will improve.
  • The nurse should answer the patient’s questions or concerns.

The OET speaking test is a challenging but rewarding experience. By practising with role-plays, you can improve your communication skills and increase your chances of success on the test.

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