OET Speaking Role Play Scenarios for Nurses

The OET Speaking test for nurses requires candidates to participate in a role play conversation with an examiner. The role play scenario will be based on a real-world healthcare situation, and the candidate will be expected to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. OET Speaking Role Play Scenarios […]

OET Speaking Roleplay Task

OET Speaking Resources  Effective communication is a vital skill in healthcare professions, and the OET Listening test assesses this crucial ability through roleplay scenarios—tips for excelling in the roleplay section of the OET Listening test. Role Assignment Participants are assigned specific roles, such as healthcare professionals, patients, or family members. Each position comes with its […]

Master OET Speaking: Your path to success

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Introduction to OET Speaking The OET Speaking sub-test assesses your English communication skills in healthcare through two 5-minute role-plays. You’ll have 3 minutes to prepare for each role-play based on real-life healthcare situations. Your communication ability will be evaluated during the role-plays. Introduction A good introduction is crucial for making an excellent first impression during […]

OET Speaking Tips | SITUATIONAL REASSURANCE | Assured Impact

OET Speaking Tips | SITUATIONAL REASSURANCE | Assured Impact The OET speaking sub-test consists of one task divided into two separate role-plays. You will act as the health professional in the role-plays, and the other person will be your interlocutor (playing a patient ). These role-playing scenarios will imitate any interactions you might have in your […]

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