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OET Speaking 
Warm-up Questions and Answers
OET Speaking Warm-up Questions and Answers

Let’s see the OET Speaking| Warm-up Questions and Answers, The OET Speaking subtest begins with a warm-up session where you are introduced to the interlocutor. This is when your language skills are presented before the interlocutor. Even though the warm-up session of OET Speaking is not considered for the final assessment, it has a significant impact on the interlocutor as it is your orientation session. 

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The OET Warm-up questions are more open questions where you are comfortable with the interlocutor. The warm-up session for the OET Speaking subtest lasts around 3 minutes, followed by the roleplay preparation time. During the warm-up session, you would be asked general questions concerning your career, interests, dream, etc. In this warm-up session, they do not focus on your domain knowledge.

The Common warm-up questions for your OET Speaking subtest.

Let us now discuss some of the most commonly asked warm-up questions in your OET speaking subtest.

The introduction

For your OET Speaking subtest, the interlocutor might ask you to introduce yourself, ask for your passport, and confirm your full name. 

If the interlocutor asks you to introduce yourself, you can start by saying your name.

When you say your name, you could replace ‘Myself John’ with ‘My name is John’ as it is more appropriate. 

In your introduction, you could add information about your profession and educational qualification, including your University name and year of pass out. You could also mention your years of experience and be specific about the departments for which you have worked.

In your introduction, you only need to mention your family details if such a question is asked of you.

The next question is,

Why did you choose nursing as your career?

So, this is one of the most commonly asked questions in your OET speaking warm-up session. This could also be rephrased as,

‘What brought you to nursing?’

‘Why did you choose nursing as your career?’

Whatever the phrase they use, you could explain your reason for choosing nursing as your career. 

For this question, you can be general or specific about your choice. Some candidates will have a particular reason, such as an incident in their life, that led them to nurse. Otherwise, mention this profession’s merit and virtue.

e.g., You can say,’ Nursing is a very Noble profession. From childhood, I was very focused on the service-oriented field, providing me with the utmost satisfaction. ‘You can also add the sea of opportunities concerned with this field.

Why did you choose OET?

For this question, it is your long-term dream to work in ‘your dream destination’, an English-speaking country. To meet the language requirements of any nation where English is the first language, we must mostly have qualified for any of the internationally recognized language assessment tests. 

The OET is the only English assessment test for healthcare professionals. But make sure you don’t compare it with other English assessment tests like IELTS.

About your dream destination.

When you answer this question, try not to beat around the bush. The reason for your choice should be specific and concrete, and it would be best if you sounded confident and clear about your reasons for choosing your dream destination. 

Also, when you mention your dream destination, use the correct article before the country name. 


The UK


For countries like Australia, Ireland, Canada etc., there is no need to use any article. 

When you are about to mention the reasons for choosing your dream destination, you must be specific about the healthcare scenario in that particular country. If you say aspects like the country’s lifestyle, weather, tourist places etc., it sounds more like your interest in the country’s appeal rather than the medical advancements and merits of the country.

So you can be more specific about why you choose the country from a healthcare professional’s perspective. For this, mention the rule and regulations for healthcare in the country, the recognition of healthcare professionals in the country, the advanced global facilities offered across the country etc. By this, you sound more confident and clear about your choices, which would escalate the interlocutor’s impression of you.

So, even though the OET warm-up session is not counted for your final score, well begun is half done. 

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OET Speaking| Warm-up Questions and Answers

OET Speaking| Warm-up Questions and Answers

OET Speaking Warm-up Questions and Answers

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