OET Speaking Role Play Scenarios for Nurses

The OET Speaking test for nurses requires candidates to participate in a role play conversation with an examiner. The role play scenario will be based on a real-world healthcare situation, and the candidate will be expected to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. OET Speaking Role Play Scenarios […]

How to Use Medical Terminology in Your OET Writing

Medical Terminology in OET Writing The OET writing test requires you to use medical terminology accurately and appropriately. This can be challenging, as medical terminology can be complex, and there are many different terms to learn. However, you can do a few things to improve your use of medical terminology in your OET writing. 1. […]

What to Expect in OET Reading Part A

OET Reading Part A Overview The OET is a language test for healthcare professionals who want to work in the UK. The OET Reading test assesses your ability to read and understand healthcare-related texts. Part A of the OET Reading test consists of 5 short texts, each followed by 5 multiple-choice questions. You will have […]

A Quick recap for nurses during OET Writing Test

OET Writing Test Overview Understand the task requirements Read the instructions carefully to comprehend the task’s purpose and expectations. Identify the specific genre, whether it’s a referral letter, a discharge summary, or another format. Plan your writing Before starting the writing process, take a few minutes to brainstorm and outline your ideas. Structure your content […]

How to perform well in OET speaking

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Understanding OET Speaking Assessment The Occupational English Test (OET) is an English language proficiency test for healthcare professionals. The OET Speaking sub-test comprises four sub-tests that contain the OET. The English communication skills test for healthcare is 20 minutes long and includes a friendly conversation and two role-playing scenarios. The introductory conversation typically takes around […]

How to prepare for OET Speaking

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Prepare for OET Speaking like a pro. Master roleplays, practice fluency, and boost your confidence for successful healthcare communication. Importance of OET Speaking Start by familiarising yourself with the test format. Read through the official guidelines and sample materials provided by the test administrators.  To succeed in the OET Test: For the speaking test, articulate […]

OET Reading Tips: How to learn new vocabulary

Basics of OET Reading Tips Welcome, fellow OET test-takers and language enthusiasts! Join us on this linguistic journey as we unlock the power of words and equip you with the necessary tools to conquer the OET Reading Test! The OET reading test is challenging and requires a wide vocabulary knowledge range. The test includes a […]

How to improve OET Reading

Master OET Reading with expert tips. Improve comprehension, develop critical skills, and achieve success in your healthcare journey. First, expand your reading habits by engaging with various texts. Read newspapers, magazines, academic articles, and healthcare-related materials to expose yourself to different writing styles, topics, and vocabulary. This will improve your overall reading comprehension. Understanding OET […]


UNDERSTANDING OET SPEAKING One of the most complicated scoring tests a candidate can take is the OET speaking! It is difficult and not as simple as it may seem to make the examiners feel impressed by what you say. Any error you make will be scrutinised by the professionals evaluating you who are seated there. […]

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