How to prepare for OET Writing Exam

Structuring Your OET Writing The Occupational English Test (OET) is a standardized English language proficiency test for healthcare professionals. The Writing section of the OET assesses your ability to write clear, concise, and error-free English in various healthcare contexts. To achieve a high score on the OET Writing exam, you need to: 1. Understand the […]

Are Your OET Writing Skills Ready for Excellence?

Are you prepared to excel in healthcare communication? Elevate your OET Writing skills and unlock a world of professional opportunities. Do you find it challenging to craft clear, well-structured responses within the OET Writing test’s constraints? Whether it’s a referral letter, discharge summary, or patient case note, our comprehensive guidance will empower you to express […]

What to Expect in OET Reading Part C

OET Reading Part C Overview Are you ready for a challenge? OET Reading Part C tests your ability to read and comprehend longer and more complex texts. You will encounter various topics, from medical research and healthcare policies to social issues and global events. But don’t worry – you’ll have the skills to succeed. You’ll […]

OET Speaking Exam Format

Do two role-plays with someone to prepare for the OET Speaking test. You will have two tasks to complete. You’ll have prep time for 2 tasks – 5 and 6 minutes each. Resources are available to assist you. Overview of OET Speaking Test Role-play In the role-play, you’ll interact with a patient or caregiver and […]

Skimming and Scanning Tips for OET Reading

Skimming and scanning are essential reading techniques that can help you quickly find relevant information in a text. Here are some tips to improve your skimming and scanning skills: When to Use Skimming and Scanning Tips Start by previewing the text:  Understand the content by reading the title, headings, subheadings, and any highlighted or bolded […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid in OET Listening

Avoiding Common Listening Mistakes – Expert Tips When taking the OET (Occupational English Test) Listening exam, one must be aware of common mistakes that candidates often make. You can proactively avoid these mistakes and improve your performance by understanding them. Mistakes Not reading the instructions carefully: One of the most common mistakes is failing to […]

Master OET Speaking: Your path to success

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Introduction to OET Speaking The OET Speaking sub-test assesses your English communication skills in healthcare through two 5-minute role-plays. You’ll have 3 minutes to prepare for each role-play based on real-life healthcare situations. Your communication ability will be evaluated during the role-plays. Introduction A good introduction is crucial for making an excellent first impression during […]

OET Listening Qs Types

Types of OET Listening Questions The OET Listening test consists of three parts, each with a different question type. Part 1: Multiple choice In Part 1, you’ll listen to a dialogue and answer multiple-choice questions about specific details mentioned. Part 2: Note completion In Part 2, you will hear a short lecture or presentation. Listen […]

Introduction To OET Listening

OET Listening Overview MD]Are you a healthcare professional aspiring to work in an English-speaking country? If so, the Occupational English Test (OET) is an essential examination for healthcare professionals like you.  Among its sub-tests, OET Listening is crucial in evaluating your ability to comprehend spoken English in a medical context. Explore the world of OET […]

How to prepare for OET Speaking

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Prepare for OET Speaking like a pro. Master roleplays, practice fluency, and boost your confidence for successful healthcare communication. Importance of OET Speaking Start by familiarising yourself with the test format. Read through the official guidelines and sample materials provided by the test administrators.  To succeed in the OET Test: For the speaking test, articulate […]

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