CBT: Test of Competence 2021 For nurses and midwives

CBT: Test of Competence 2021 For nurses and midwives.
CBT Test of Competence 2021 For nurses and midwives

CBT: Test of Competence 2021 For nurses and midwives

The CBT, or computer-based test, is the first component of the Test of Competence 2021. You can take the CBT or OSCE in any sequence, but in order to move on with your application for first registration or readmission, you must successfully complete both parts.The competency test is unique to the relevant nursing speciality and is always divided into two parts.

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On the NMC UK website, you can find test blueprints and connections to other online tools that can aid candidates in getting ready for the competency test. We do not recommend any training programme or course that provides test preparation resources.

Examining on a computer is Part 1. (CBT). The CBT includes a theoretical test, objective questions, and a numeracy test that consists of brief answers with a numerical response (which is multiple choice). In most nations throughout the world, there are Pearson VUE test centres where CBT can be taken.

Before the test even begins, candidates will receive a brief computer usage training. There are 115 questions on the CBT. There is no partial credit; each question receives a score of either correct or incorrect. There will be a 15-mark numeracy assessment in Part A. A theory test worth 100 marks will make up Part B.

The CBT lasts three hours, including any voluntary testing breaks.

Part 2 consists of a nursing objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) – a practical nursing test. Only a specific test centre in the UK offers the OSCE. The websites of the test centres contain information on the OSCE as well as the candidate manual.You can take the CBT and OSCE in any sequence.

CBT: Test of Competence 2021 For nurses and midwives

New Structure of CBT

The revised CBT has two sections: Part A deals with numeracy, and Part B deals with clinical problems for nurses or midwives.

A Numeracy  30 minutes  15  
B Clinical2 hrs 30 minutes  100  


The cost of taking the new CBT on its whole will remain at £83. The following fees will be charged if you need to retake the new CBT:

  • Retake Parts A and B: £83
  • Retake just Part A: £50
  • Retake just Part B: £70

Scheduling your CBT

The Pearson Vue team will send you an email confirming to confirm that account has been created and providing a temporary password to log in after we have determined that you must take the Test of Competence. You must first reserve the Test of Competence in your NMC Online account if you decide to take it for return to practice.

After You’ve Created An Account With Pearson Vue

You can log in, schedule, and pay for your exam after receiving a confirmation email from Pearson Vue that your account has been set up. 

When logged in, select the “view exams” button on the Pearson Vue website.

Choose the test that is appropriate for your application type.

Choose both (Parts A and B) modules for your first attempt.

When you book both modules, a total fee of £83 will be added to the separate pricing you are initially shown for each programme.

CBT: Test of Competence 2021 For nurses and midwives

Selecting the right exam and courses

Make sure you carefully select the appropriate exam for the sort of application you are making. Your CBT will only be accepted as part of your registration application if it matches the type of your application, and you will have to retake it and pay for the appropriate CBT.

You can choose your type from,

  • Adult nurse – RNA
  • Mental health nurse – RNMH
  • Learning disabilities nurse – RNLD
  • Children’s nurse – RNC
  • Midwife – RM

For example, if you’re applying to the adult nursing part of the registration, you should select:

  • Exam: RNA 2021: Adult nurse
  • Module 1: RNA 2021: Adult nurse – Part A: Numeracy only
  • Module 2: RNA 2021: Adult nurse – Part B: Clinical only 

Practice tests

On Pearson VUE’s website, you can obtain CBT practice exams. They can be accessed by anybody and do not require reservations. By taking these sample exams, you can assess your comprehension of the material and level of preparedness for the new CBT, as well as learn more about the format, style, and complexity of the questions.

On the day of the CBT 

Arrival procedures at the test centre.

Arrive at the testing centre 30 minutes before your scheduled examination time. 

  • You might not be able to take the CBT and will need to schedule another CBT and pay another CBT fee if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled examination time. We will be notified if you don’t take the test, but it won’t count as an attempt. 
  • For authentication purposes, you must show a current passport with a photo. (Note: You must use the passport that you listed on your NMC account. Please make sure to update your NMC account with your updated passport information at least 48 hours before your scheduled CBT appointment date if you have one.)
  • You are required to upload your digital signature and get your picture taken. We receive the picture and signature.
  • Hats, scarves, and coats are not permitted in the testing area or while being photographed. They must be put in the safe storage area offered at the testing site. (Head scarves used for cultural or religious reasons are permitted; they will be examined.)
  • During their visit to the testing facility, candidates are not permitted access to any forbidden personal items. There is limited storage available, and the testing facility disclaims all liability for candidates’ personal property.
  • If requested, you must take off any noticeable jewellery or other accessories before entering the examination area.
  • It would be best if you placed all electronic devices in your allocated locker. 
  • No one is not allowed to wait in the test centre while candidates take the CBT.
  • The TA will give you a short orientation and will then escort you to a computer terminal, where you will complete a short tutorial. You must stay in your seat during the examination, except when authorised to leave by test centre staff. You should not change your computer terminal unless a TA insists you do so.

CBT: Test of Competence 2021 For nurses and midwives

Getting your result

Your results are calculated and submitted after the test is finished. Part A (Numeracy) and Part B (Reading Comprehension) of the test will both result in a pass or fail for you (Clinical). 

  • You can see your CBT results in the exam report that was provided to you immediately following your CBT.
  • Within 48 hours following your CBT, you will receive results for Parts A and B of the appropriate exam in the “Exam history” section of your Pearson Vue account.

Within 48 hours of your CBT, your NMC Online account will also update, although it will only provide an overall exam result for each attempt:

For instance, the overall CBT result in NMC Online will say “Fail” if you passed Part A but failed Part B on your first try.

Your NMC Online will be changed to reflect “Pass” once you pass both Parts A and B.

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CBT: Test of Competence 2021 For nurses and midwives

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