How to Utilize the free sample OET Materials

You are getting the most value from each Reading and Listening sample test that you practice.

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How to Utilize the free sample OET Materials
How to Utilize the free sample OET Materials

How to Utilize the free sample OET Materials

 Taking an OET Sample Test is a great way to test out your skills. It helps you to understand the format and check the areas where you can improve better. The benefits of practice materials are not ending once you are completed the Reading or Listening sample tasks. These answers You can also use yours as part of your OET Exam planning and preparation.

 Preparation materials are available, and candidates can thoroughly follow them. If you solve as many practise papers as possible, you can score well. For good performance, cover the entire syllabus. If the candidate wants, they can attempt as many times as they wish. 

Candidates should know that the OET test is designed to assess their proficiency in every aspect of the English language. It assesses how you can speak, read, understand, and write. Hence, OET expects an English speaker to be fluent in other aspects of the OET exam pattern to score in the exam.

Candidates should be very vigilant during the preparation process. There is a lot of OET related information available on the internet. Also, candidates can visit the official website. If the OET test-takers are well-versed with the latest pattern of the OET exam, they can perform well in the exam. 

You can find study materials online. But it can be a challenge, and if you are not taking proper care, you may easily give up on bad materials that may make your project or research lacks the required facts.

In OET, you need to give yourself enough time to prepare for the different sections. 

 The best way to prepare for OET

  1. start early
  2. Be realistic with yourself.
  3. Know your weaknesses
  4. Understand the assessment criteria
  5. Improve your skills
  6. Apply when you are ready.

Tips for Achieving a high OET score

  1. Learn about the test overview and structure
  2. Create a study plan
  3. Sharpen your skills
  4. Take practice tests
  5. Review everything
  6. Rest and Relax
  7. Get the Official OET Course Guide

The Official OET Course Guide provides:

  • A detailed overview of what candidates expect in the test
  • Easy-to-learn strategies
  • Relevant test-taking tips
  • A weekly study planner
  • Listening tracks
  • Sample Writing answers
  • Full-length Practice Test (with Nursing and Medicine specific Writing and Speaking sub-tests).

Some more tips are given here about what to do with your answers to get the most out of the experience and improve your next time scores. 

  1. You will have to Mark your answers using the official OET answer key of the sample test.
  2. you must take time to analyze the questions which you made wrong.
    • test -takers should not waste time by Mis-reading the question.
  3. avoid losing marks for Not spelling the answer correctly.
  4. Not answering the question at all is not encouraged. No marks deduction for incorrect answers, so you have a guess even if you didn’t hear. Try to write or select an answer for every question.
  5. Running out of time- if you don’t have enough time to read all the questions, be strict with time management.
    • Unfamiliar vocabulary- if you spot unfamiliar words while listening and reading, learn new vocabulary compare with words you are comfortable with. Don’t get distracted by unfamiliar words; make an educated guess and move on to the next question. 
  6. Identify your strengths and weaknesses- don’t rush to answer. Use the time properly to think about what you are heard or read and choose the answer from the evidence available to you. U can practice this by taking multiple practice tests. 
  7. Improve your Writing and Speaking- your reading and listening papers you can use as practice for speaking and writing too. 
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