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How to manage time while attending OET Reading sub-test?

How to manage time while attending OET Reading sub-test?
How to manage time while attending OET Reading sub-test?

How to manage time while attending OET Reading sub-test?

How to manage time while attending OET Reading sub-test? . OET test has four sub-tests, one of which is the OET Reading sub-tests. This sub-test is consisting of 42 question which needs to be completed in a time of 60 mins. The topic is based on generic healthcare interest and is therefore accessible to candidates across all professions. Reading is one of the arduous tasks for many OET candidates as many of them won’t have the reading habit or lack proper training to tackle it.

The OET Reading sub-test is further branched into three parts categorized as:

•  Part A- Expeditious reading task.

•  Part B- Short reading texts from the healthcare workplace.

•  Part C- Long reading texts from the topics of interest to a healthcare professional.

Part A- Expeditious reading task

In the section, four short texts with 20 questions need to be answered in 15 minutes. Questions consist of matching, sentence completion and short answer questions from conventions of different medical text types and understanding numerical and textual information from a single healthcare topic. This test assesses the candidate’s ability to locate specific information quickly and efficiently.

Part B- Short Reading texts from the healthcare workplace.

This section consists of six short texts (100-150 words each), and each reader has one to three-option multiple-choice questions sourced from the workplace.

The texts might comprise extracts from policy documents, hospital guidelines, manuals or internal communications, such as emails or memos. This text accesses the candidate’s ability to identify the details, gist, or main point from the healthcare workplace.

Part C- Long reading texts from the topics of interest to a healthcare professional.

This section consists of two texts (800 words each), and each text has eight four-option multiple-choice questions. The texts consist of topics of interest to healthcare professionals. This text accesses the candidate’s ability to understand the explicit or implied meaning and the attitude or opinion presented in the text.

Now when it comes to managing the time for attending OET reading sub-test. Part A, which is time-bounded, will consume 15 minutes and utilize the rest 45 minutes to complete reading Part B and Part C.

It’s essential to manage time in reading Part B to utilize more time for Part C. As OET reading Part B have only three answer option to choose from while OET reading part C questions have four answer options.

Apart from that, OET reading Part C questions are more involved and require a deeper understanding of the text than part B. The candidates’ approach differs, and no tricks or tips work on managing OET reading Part B and C.

But if we think logically, there are six questions for OET reading part B and 16 questions for OET reading Part C, which works out 2 mins/ques, equivalent to 12 min for Part B and 33 min for Part C. But as discussed above, Part B is less challenging, and if we consider 10 mins for Part B, then we have 35 mins for Part C. But considering the correct technique for each Part is essential; otherwise, you will have wrong answers and time wasted.

Overall, the OET candidate and his knowledge to manage his time in the test room impact the reading module. Candidates can spend variable time on each Part if they keep an eye on the ticking clock on their screen. Meantime they need to change the speed based on the Part. There will be 10 minutes break after doing Part-A, so it is essential to relax and focus on the next Part.

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