With the crises, healthcare professionals’ demand throughout the globe has increased exponentially with attractive packages and skill-based promotion.  English-speaking countries have worked on a different strategy to screen non-native English-speaking candidates based on the English-speaking proficiency and came with tests at the Global level, few tests such as IELTS, OET, CCRNR (for Canada), TOEFL etc. Among these, all two widespread tests which healthcare professional choose is IELTS and OET.

What is the difference between IELTS and OET?. ‘International English language Testing System(IELTS) and ‘Occupational English Test’ (OET) are English proficiency tests. Both exams have similar exam patterns with four sub-tests, including reading, listening, writing & speaking and share equal competency levels, but both exams have different offers for healthcare professionals.

IELTS offers two versions for academics and general training, whereas OET has 12 versions for another healthcare field (all profession-based). It’s been the fact that OET is an edge above IELTS as OET test candidates English medical capabilities. In contrast, IELTS goes for topics beyond the medical scope and make it challenging for candidates. Data shows that the percentage of healthcare professionals qualifying for OET in the first attempt is way more than IELTS; this is one reason why more candidates choose OET over IELTS. With an increasing candidature base and a profession-based exam, OET is recognised by more countries daily.

Many health professionals consider that OET is much easier than any other language test as it is entirely related to their profession and could connect with their real lives. There is nothing to do by heart as they have enormous practical exposure to the related question, which always make an OET aspirant confident. In OET, they also analyse clinical knowledge, which is an added advantage for them. Therefore, they could easily connect it.

 At this stage, it is clear IELTS is a playground for candidates from different professions, and OET is a ground for the healthcare professional. Still, the story doesn’t end here both offer a grading system where IELTS grading is out of 9 where the candidate has to score a 7 to get recommended. OET grading system is from A to E, where one needs to achieve at least B to get recommended, which is much easier than IELTS. Due to the workload, many may not get time to read generally, and the IELTS might be challenging.

In conclusion, the healthcare professional has a great opportunity in foreign developed countries. Choosing an exam is the sticky part; both OET and IELTS can land candidates to their destiny. Still, OET is much preferable as the test is based on medical English. The candidates are more acquainted with situations to connect their clinical knowledge to the exam, making the test much easier when compared to IELTS.

Contrary, the candidates need to have in-depth knowledge regarding the world’s things to crack IELTS. It makes sense to have a test aligned with candidates matter of studies or work, which OET. Rather than giving this a question, it is always better to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and choose the exam.

Although there are sceptics for both these tests, one needs to understand their strength and try the trial as the OET and IELTS provide free sample materials. It is beneficial for students to assess their strengths rather than paying for any classes or taking the OET and IELTS exam. There is an enormous official blog also to search for the fee, course details. In all, they could come to a decision on which exam they need to take.  Every individual is unique, so they cannot rely on and do things the same way someone does.

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