Simple steps to speed up your Reading Part B

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Simple steps to speed up your Reading Part B:

To speed up during Part B OET Reading Sub-test, follow these easy steps

OET Part B Reading tests your ability to quickly understand a short text’s gist (main idea). You will have to select the answer from a list of three options, which matches best to get this part correct. One of the best strategies is to answer the questions before looking at the given answer options.

 Follow the steps below to practice this:

  1. Read the contextual meaning included sentence that provides you details about the type of text.
  2. Then read the question but without seeing the options of answer.
  3. A fair and rapid reading of the text is required now. Try to decide the answer according to your logic.
  4. Finally, check the options of answer. Search for a similar answer you decided; check back in the text to ensure the selected answer is correct.
  5. Check the other options in the text if you have time.
  6. It is important to find evidence to prove these answers are wrong.

To answer Part B questions more quickly, follow this strategy. It can simplify the process and help you to answer Reading part B questions.

Things You Need to Know about OET Reading Part B

You must have detailed knowledge of each section of the OET Part B Reading test. The reading test has split into three parts (A, B, C). Parts B and C need extended reading than part A. Reading part B has six short texts and six multiple-choice questions with three options. This section has six marks in total, and each question carries one mark. You need a thorough reading of the text for a fair understanding of the content. Each text is related to the medical workplace.

Use the following ways to find the answer in the text

  1. Read the question before the text and highlight key points.
  2. Read the text thoroughly, referring to your highlighted question and answers
  3. Highlight words that you don’t understand
  4. Cross off the wrong answers as you go along
  5. Find the correct answer!

Crucial Role of Time management in the Reading test

You will get 45 minutes time duration for Reading Parts B and C, and both parts are combined. Careful management of time is essential for part B to leave yourself enough time for part C.  Different candidates will do this differently. There’s no rule for spending on Part B, so don’t try to get distracted by another candidate’s work.

If you have logical thinking, there are six questions for Part B and 16 questions for Part C; you can allot 2 minutes per question. You could spend 12 minutes to complete Part B with this reasoning.Part B questions have only three answer options, while Part C questions have four answer options. Part C questions are more and require a more profound understanding of the text than Part B.If you are allotting 90 seconds per Part B question, 9 minutes in total is more appropriate.

To keep a comfort level, if you use 10 minutes, allow you a few more seconds on any question you are unsure about the answer. After 10 minutes, you can then move on, knowing you have 35 minutes left for Part C.You will not get any information from the test room. If you keep one eye on the time, you can decide on the day.

Skills required for OET Reading Part B 

OET Reading Part B expects you to identify and understand the purpose, gist, central point, or a particular detail of a short text. These skills will depend on the focus of each question, which you will need to identify before reading the text. It means Reading Part B requires deeper reading and comprehension of the text to select the correct answer.

Simple steps to speed up your Reading Part B

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