OET Reading Part-C
The best way to Solve OET Reading Part-C


The best way to Solve OET Reading Part-C

How to read the text in OET Reading Part C?

The topics of the Reading Part C texts are of generic healthcare interest intended at intelligent professionals. These are the types of text you might read in your free time to understand how the present medical field is changing. On the other hand, they are the type of text which might have been suggested to you by your manager for professional development.

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For a good reading of texts in OET Reading Part C, you have to:

-Skim through the contents focusing on specific facts and dates which are presented in the text. 

-Read quickly to understand the message the writer is trying to communicate in the text.

-Read slowly and carefully to understand every word.

OET Reading Part C intends to check the test-takers ability to understand the indirect meaning of the text as well as the attitude or opinion presented in lengthy text content. You will have the ability to identify the relationship between ideas at the sentence level and the entire meaning of the paragraph to complete the task successfully. Part C also tests your ability to understand lexical references and complex phrases within the text accurately.Importance of understanding the writer’s opinion in OET Reading Part C

You may have answered A, B or C, but for the types of texts in Part C, answer B is the strategy that will work best for you. The content is opinionated. They may include the writer’s opinions and others who have also completed a study on the same topic. There may be agreement or disagreement of views with each other. Ideas can be explicit, Or they can be more implied. 

Most of the questions in Part C require you to exhibit your understanding of the writer’s opinions and logical thinking. You can understand this by focusing on the overall meaning of the text. The facts and the details can give evidence for the opinion, but don’t consider it a main priority.

Candidates who struggle with Reading Part C often read the text to match keywords from the question or answer options. Instead, it would help if you read the text in English exactly as you would read it in your first language: understand the meaning behind what the writer is saying.

How can you improve your performance on the OET Reading Part-C?

OET Reading Part C is to understand how meaning transforms into logical thinking or information in lengthy texts. To understand the perspective or opinion of the writer at various points in the text, you need to use inference skills. You will also exhibit your understanding of reference and linguistic features in texts and how they contribute meaning. You will likely not know or understand every word in the text and should develop strategies and skills to infer meaning or understanding of such ambiguity.

Reading various text types as part of your regular practice will help with this, provided you ensure some content is above your current reading level. Like Part B, in Part C, you have four options to choose from; you have to select the best depiction of the text contents as your answer.Part C intends your ability to identify detailed meaning and point of view in two texts on topics specifically related to healthcare professionals (800 words each). For each text content, you must answer eight four-option multiple-choice questions.

In OET reading Part C, you must shade the circle next to the appropriate answer. If you write answers elsewhere in your booklet will not be considered.It is good to use the sample tests to familiarise yourself with the different task formats you might find in the OET.

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