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What to Expect in OET Reading Part C

OET Reading Part C Overview Are you ready for a challenge? OET Reading Part C tests your ability to read and comprehend longer and more complex texts. You will encounter various topics, from medical research and healthcare policies to social issues and global events. But don’t worry – you’ll have the skills to succeed. You’ll […]

Skimming and Scanning Tips for OET Reading

Skimming and scanning are essential reading techniques that can help you quickly find relevant information in a text. Here are some tips to improve your skimming and scanning skills: When to Use Skimming and Scanning Tips Start by previewing the text:  Understand the content by reading the title, headings, subheadings, and any highlighted or bolded […]

A Quick recap for nurses during OET Writing Test

OET Writing Test Overview Understand the task requirements Read the instructions carefully to comprehend the task’s purpose and expectations. Identify the specific genre, whether it’s a referral letter, a discharge summary, or another format. Plan your writing Before starting the writing process, take a few minutes to brainstorm and outline your ideas. Structure your content […]

What is OET Writing?

Importance of OET Writing The Occupational English Test (OET) is an English language test for healthcare professionals. Employers and regulatory bodies use it to assess your ability to write in English. The OET Writing sub-test assesses your ability to write in English. You will be given a set of case notes and asked to write […]

OET Reading Tips: How to learn new vocabulary

Basics of OET Reading Tips Welcome, fellow OET test-takers and language enthusiasts! Join us on this linguistic journey as we unlock the power of words and equip you with the necessary tools to conquer the OET Reading Test! The OET reading test is challenging and requires a wide vocabulary knowledge range. The test includes a […]

How to improve OET Reading

Master OET Reading with expert tips. Improve comprehension, develop critical skills, and achieve success in your healthcare journey. First, expand your reading habits by engaging with various texts. Read newspapers, magazines, academic articles, and healthcare-related materials to expose yourself to different writing styles, topics, and vocabulary. This will improve your overall reading comprehension. Understanding OET […]

The best ways to improve your OET Reading Score

OET Reading: The best ways to improve your OET Reading Score Reading is essential for success in the Occupational English Test (OET). Reading quickly and accurately to understand the questions and answer them correctly is crucial. There are many ways to improve your reading skills for the OET, but the best way is to practice […]

Ultimate Tips to Score in OET Reading

Tips to score in OET Reading OET Reading consists of three parts. Part A, B, and C . There are 42 questions to complete in 60 minutes. PART A OET Reading Part A consists of 20 questions that evaluate your speed and accuracy of the language and should be completed within 15 minutes. The question […]

How can you practise OET reading every day?

How can you practise OET reading every day? Reading Part A Part A has four types of texts, like checklists for making diagnoses or contraindications for medication that you read with a patient. It would help if you practised reading these types of texts quickly to extract the primary information. Reading Part B Part B […]

Simple steps to speed up your Reading Part B

Simple steps to speed up your Reading Part B: To speed up during Part B OET Reading Sub-test, follow these easy steps OET Part B Reading tests your ability to quickly understand a short text’s gist (main idea). You will have to select the answer from a list of three options, which matches best to get this […]

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