OET recognition in Washington, US

OET recognition in Washington
OET recognition in Washington, US

OET recognition in Washington, US

The Occupational English Test (OET) promoters recently confirmed that two American states have officially accepted the international English language test (OET). It is proof of English proficiency for doctors and nurses looking to immigrate to the United States for work or residency based on their registration. Now This is the first time that OET has got approval in the US. With these new decisions, the United States has become a possible option for doctors and nurses around the globe.

A press release from OET says that the new changes are due to this current COVID-19 crisis, which has caused problems in the United States for the recruitment of overseas medical practitioners. The Washington State Nursing Care and Quality Assurance Commission in the USA now recognize the OET results. OET is the world’s only international English language test proficiency specifically for healthcare professionals.  

Doctors and nurses registering for positions in the US may now approve their English language proficiency test for medical professionals with Occupational English Test, the world’s only recognized international English language proficiency test, particularly for the field of healthcare professionals.

The Florida Board of Nursing, the Oregon State Board of Nursing and The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (ECFMG|FAIMER) have formally recognized the Occupational English Test (OET). Nursing regulators in Florida and Oregon approve OET and take it into the respective states’ rules.

OET issued a press release on July 9th, 2020, says the United States of America for healthcare workers accepted the OET. Nurses applying for licensure in Oregon must attain a minimum of 4 Grade Bs (a minimum score of 350). Nurses applying for licensure in Florida must achieve a minimum of 4 Grade C+s (a minimum score of 300). The Florida and Oregon Nursing Boards did not advise whether they will accept test scores from earlier OET exams.

Nurses need to prove they have the right level of English Using OET for applying licensure with the Washington State’s Nursing Care and Quality Assurance Commission (NCQAC). The Nursing Commission approves OET results from all delivery modes. The different delivery modes give nurses the right choices for how they want to take OET. the three modes-on paper, on a computer at a test venue or OET at home via remote proctoring are available globally.

OET is a specialized English language proficiency test formulated to reflect healthcare surroundings. All the test tasks are related to a typical workplace situation. There are twelve versions of the test for 12 different types of healthcare professions. The new approval of OET in Washington provides nurses with an excellent opportunity to take the English proficiency test more suitable for their job.

OET assesses all the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) needed for better communication, emphasizing high-quality patient care and patient safety. Nurses who have achieved their qualifications outside of the USA, where the English language is not prevalent, must take an English language proficiency test to register in Washington state. According to the CEO of OET Sujata, the new recognition from Washington State Nursing Care and Quality Assurance Commission gives extreme pleasure. The approval provides excellent opportunities for nurses to prove their English language proficiency and communication skills with OET through tasks that are appropriate to their profession.

OET is a perfect tool to measure the English proficiency of healthcare professionals effectively. OET shares a commitment to patient’s safety and quality care with the help of the Nursing Commission. she says with absolute confidence that OET help to achieve this through our secure, reliable, English language proficiency test. The NCQAC connects governments, educational institutions healthcare boards around the globe in their recognition of OET. 

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