OET Scoring Criteria
OET Scoring Criteria


The Occupational English Test (OET), which is required for many jobs in the healthcare field, will thus be taken by you. 

The Occupational English Test (OET) is a requirement for many healthcare professionals before they may register to work in an English-speaking nation.

You are tested on four sections of the OET: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Every component includes its own specific tests and questions, as well as unique grading guidelines. You must first comprehend the topics covered in each section as well as the evaluation criteria if you want to perform well on your OET.


In addition, the listening segment is broken up into three sections: brief workplace extracts, consultation extracts, and presentation snippets. 

The following characteristics are evaluated in the listening segment:

  • Capability of identifying specific and precise information
  • Efficiency of identifying the details
  • Determining the purpose of short excerpts
  • Ability of following a presentation on different healthcare topics


There are numerous role-playing exercises that are conducted to evaluate a participant’s speaking abilities, which help evaluate the attributes listed below:

  • Language fluency and speed
  • Pronunciation, vocabulary, and accent
  • Ease and comfort of explaining technical terms and medical matters
  • Understanding of patient perspective and needs
  • Appropriate, attentive, and respectful attitude, along with empathy
  • Proper use of questions, and usage of vague statements
  • Ability to summarize information
  • Logical and purposeful interaction – organizing explanations in proper sequence, using the best techniques


The reading section is broken up into three sections: quick reading, attentive reading, and quick reading again. The expeditious reading task measures the participant’s capacity to skim through the text quickly and find certain information. The participant’s ability to quickly and accurately identify key facts, main ideas, and a summary of the text is evaluated by the other two careful reading tasks. It evaluates your capacity to decipher the views and meaning of the text on the subject of healthcare.


The participant must compose a letter in 45 minutes about any topic linked to the field of healthcare. 

This one letter can be used to evaluate a variety of things. 

For instance –

  • Whether the task is fulfilled within the specified time
  • The organization, style, formality level, and tone of the content in the letter
  • Usage of correct grammatical structure and accuracy of the content
  • Punctuation and spelling correctness, along with letter layout
  • Understanding of the stimulus material and t ask instructions provided

You need a tonne of practise if you want to improve your OET exam score. 

There is nothing better, especially if done with competent direction. 

Experts may help you assess where you are now and help you go up the ladder by helping you fix any mistakes that are getting in the way of your success.

Tiju’s Academy is one of the best place where you can get the greatest OET online coaching in India. Here, you may receive the necessary training and learn effective test-taking techniques to pass the OET with the highest possible results. 

You will learn all the skills you need to ace the OET exam here, including note-taking techniques, practise tests with booklets and audio files, in-depth analysis of question types, role plays tailored to your specific medical specialisation, passage skimming, information tracking, handling MCQs, writing guidelines, and more!

Even for those who are fluent in their language, taking a language assessment test can be challenging. A unique approach is required to do better on the assessments than just conversations or modules. It’s usually advised to learn from a scholar to fully understand the material and have the ability to ace the test. In order to accommodate your convenient schedule, Tiju’s offers offline and online programmes. By giving them access to endless grammar lessons and the best, most skilled professors, we are dedicated to helping our students succeed.

OET Scoring Criteria

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