How to achieve a high score in the subtest of OET Writing?

How to achieve a high score in the subtest of OET Writing?

The OET Writing sub-test is different from any other writing test. You will get a case note and a task in the OET Writing subtest. You need to select the relevant information given in the case notes according to the task, create a logical structure for your letter and then make sure that the letter is written in your own words in the Writing sub-test. 

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Your reader is the most crucial consideration. Based on some case notes, you need to write a letter, usually three types of letters: a referral letter, a discharge letter, or a transfer letter. The assessment of the letter is based on six criteria, including the letter’s purpose, the content, the organization etc.

When writing the letter, you have to keep your reader in mind to get a better score. Follow a quick and handy strategy given below to keep the reader in the front of your mind.

READER means:

– is the ‘reason‘ for writing; you can include this at the start. The reader can understand the purpose of your letter from this. 

E – is for the ‘explanation’ of the details of the situation, arrange logically and use professional language. Use time expressions can help the reader to understand the order of events.

A – is the ‘accuracy’ in the communication of the information from the case notes. It includes the grammatical accuracy and accuracy of the content. 

D – is the ‘division’ of your letter into paragraphs. The order of the sections is necessary; the information passes to the reader in terms of this. It also includes in the case of sentences of each paragraph. The first sentence of each paragraph should provide the most important details and so on.

E – is for the ‘end’ of the letter; your reader must get a clear understanding of the necessary action at the end of the letter. 

R – is for ‘relevance’; you need to select the relevant information to the current situation from the case note and summarise it to quickly understand the key points. You can omit anything which is not appropriate.

The following are the assessment criteria used to score your OET letter:

The above-given criteria allotted a band score from 0 to 7, for purpose, is given a band score of 0 to 3. If you need to get a score of 350 (previously grade B) in writing, you will be required to get a high score in each of the six criteria. Read through the requirements to know how to get a high score on each of the above-given requirements.

1.Writing with a Purpose

In the OET Writing sub-test, you need to have the ability to identify and write with purpose. The letter’s purpose can be broken up into two parts, immediately apparent” and”sufficiently expanding”, which demands you to identify and understand the meaning of your letter given in the Writing task and the case notes. You have to identify and understand the purpose, and it is to be shown in your letter. This requires creating an introductory sentence and using the correct verbs to indicate the purpose of your letter to the reader.

 2.Choosing the right content

It is essential to decide what information you put in your letter. Your letter will not be able to pass the right and required information without the right content. The case note provides all the information you need for your letter. You are required to do the accurate representation of the case notes by:

  • Transforming them into complete sentences
  • Keeping the meaning the same. 

3.Conciseness and Clarity of writing

Conciseness and Clarity with Content are needed to score high.You are required to decide what information is unnecessary and should be left out. The irrelevant and repeated information will not help the reader provide any care to the patient.

 4.The Genre and Style of the letter 

When you need to write a letter to another professional, it should be formal in style. The OET Writing sub-test requires you to write a letter in the correct genre and the proper manner; you need to understand what formal writing looks like and how to write formally to do this. This includes how to use both the correct register and tone for the audience you are writing to.The grammar you use has a significant impact on your style of writing to decide formal or informal.

5.Organization and layout of your OET letter 

The structure of your letter has a significant impact on what your reader will see and retain because every writing task is different, and every letter has organization. Several ways are there to organize your letter; you can organize it chronologically or thematically. It is to remember that you don’t bury the relevant information under non-relevant information.

6.Use the right language in your OET letter.

All the criteria mentioned above include the elements of language. It is essential to check whether you have used them accurately. You are required to use the accurate application of the elements of grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling to your letter.

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How to achieve a high score in the subtest of OET Writing?

How to achieve a High score in the Subtest of OET Writing?
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